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Can AIDS be spread through menstrual blood

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A:HIV is found in menstrual blood and can infect others that way, if they come in contact with it and it enters their bloodstream. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-aids-be-spread-through-menstrual-blood ]
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Can AIDS be spread through menstrual blood
HIV is found in menstrual blood and can infect others that way, if they come in contact with it and it enters their bloodstream.

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My friend has Hep C, I wonder if this realtion will be safe for me or not!?
Q: I met a lady in the internet that I liked her a lot first but then I understood she has Hepatitis C, she didn’t say it to me first but tried to attract me more then, … Before first meeting she informed me. As she says she tries to make relation with many men but they rejected her in her country, I wondered maybe she is abusing me because I am from an undeveloped country and she is from a developed country.I wouldn’t like hurt her but I wouldn’t like go to a big risk of infection. I don’t know if I can have full sex relation with her or no, could I kiss her or no! She wrote to me last time:“Hepatitis C is not Aids. The only similarity is that both can be passed by sharing blood. AIDS can also be spread by saliva. AIDS is very easily transmitted. HepC is easily transmitted through blood transfusions and by drug addicts sharing needles because of the small amount of blood that can get on the needle when it breaks the skin. Hep C needs to be injected into another's blood stream in some way.The AIDS virus is very virulent and aggressive. HepC is a sleepy virus. It needs an introduction.It is almost unknown for monohomous couples to transmit the virus between themselves. There are some cases in the literature. But they are so few that there is no study of why or how this happened. Perhaps they had sex when she had per menstrual blood flow and he had a break in the skin of his penis.Perhaps they had anal sex or some other form that risked tearing the skin and exposing the blood. Perhaps the hep C partner was having wild, risky sex with someone other than his regular partner.For 20 years, I had sex with my ex-husband without passing the virus. My girlfriend has been with her husband for over 30 years and is not Hep C positive. It is nearly benign for the partner but there are some precautions to take. Using a condom is not seen as necessary. But I never share my razor. Nor scissors. If I get a manicure, I make sure that they sterilize the scissors afterwards.If I have a nosebleed, I wrap up the tissue and wash my hands.These are sensible things to do. They simply reduce any potential by reducing any unnecessary risks:I understand that this may seem scary to you and something that removes your sexual desire for me. I can't change that. But it is your loss for a warm and loving relationship could be there if it were different.I am your friend and will continue to be. But the best loving relationships are built on respect and friendship, and we have both.” But I am not sure how much these information are scientific! I am not sure if this virus can transmit by saliva!Please guide me how do I can treat with her while I wouldn’t hurt her!
A: Hep C is transmitted by blood, such as sharing needles for drug use with an infected person, or sharing razors or toothbrushes with an infected person. Hep C is very rarely transmitted by sex, and is not considered an STD.HIV (virus that can lead to AIDS) can be transmitted by unprotected anal, vaginal, or oral sex with an infected person, sharing needles for drug use with someone who is infected, or by transmission from mother to child during delivery or breastfeeding. HIV is NOT transmitted by saliva or by casual contact.Although it is great that she shared this info with you, some things she has said in comparing Hep C to HIV are completely WRONG.HIV is NOT transmitted by saliva, and due to the fact that all donated blood is tested, transmission of HIV and Hep C through blood transfusion is EXTREMELY RARE.Once HIV is outside the body, exposed to air, it is EXTREMELY fragile and only survives for a few minutes. However, once outside the body, Hep C is very PERSISTENT and can remain infectious on surfaces for up to 4 DAYS. That is why it is important that people not share razors or toothbrushes with people that they know are Hep C+.

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