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Can a blood vessel in your head break

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A:Yes, it's called a brain aneurysm when this happens. Estimates are that one in fifteen people will develop one during their lives. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-blood-vessel-in-your-head-break ]
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Can a blood vessel in your head break
Yes, it's called a brain aneurysm when this happens. Estimates are that one in fifteen people will develop one during their lives.
What carries blood vessels to the head?
the right and left common carotid arteries carry blood to the head. I assume that is what you meant, because nothing carries blood vessels to the head.
Which blood vessel carries blood to the head??
Arteries carry blood away from the body. So, probably an artery. Source(s): 2 yrs high school Health Academy

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has anyone else here ever been clinically dead? No heartbeat no respirations?
Q: When I was 18 I was in a car accident and had a grand maul seisure... this is caused by blunt trauma to the head, breaking a blood vessel inside your brain which causes pressure to the brain and can cause death. I remember having the seisure and seeing flashing red and blue spots then nothing else for about 4 days. I was told once I came to that I had actually quit breathing and my heartrate couldn't be found at the accident scene. Has anyone else died and been resuccitated? if so what did you experience? Do you feel like you're living on borrowed time?
A: Well, evidently it was a temporary loss. You seem oriented and alert, today. The websites below may be of interest. They address the topics given in your question. Personally, I have been anesthesized; which, of course, is a type of controlled death. I recovered to regular vitality afterwards...without my tonsils. About 10 years ago there was a popular book (I do not recall the name of it nor the author). It was about an experience written about by the author. She went into details of heaven that were intriguing to say the least. Glad to have you back on earth! Take care and enjoy the diversity of the websites below:
This I Believe essay. Is it any good?
Q: We were writing this I believe essays for English class. We were following guide lines given by this website: http://thisibelieve.org/Anyways, my teacher said she is going to mail us the essay when we graduate. We were suppose to read our essays to the class and so, I did. Usually when I read it to myself I wouldn't cry at all. I hardly thought about the situation a lot before we wrote the essays. It's weird because I guess I held onto my feelings really long, I never cried about it. But, when I read my essay in front of my class I cried about it. Also, I never told my classmates about the situation I was and am in before. Kids came up to me and told me wow and that it was good. So, your opinion on this essay? By the way I'm in 8th grade. He’s in a Better Place I remember when my cousin’s grandfather died. My cousin Jacob was very close to him: he was like a dad to Jacob. Even though his real dad is still alive, Jacob’s grandfather has taken care of him since he was a baby.Jacob lives with his parents and sister, Patricia, in Chicago, Illinois. I don’t get to see them often because I live in Pennsylvania and it’s far away. My family and their family still keep in contact. My brother Robert and I keep in contact with Patricia and Jacob mainly through the internet. On the other hand, our parents and their parents keep in contact with each other through the phone.The most current thing that our parents have to keep in contact about is my aunt and our grandparents. My aunt has constant strokes and Lupus. Lupus is a blood disorder that attacks the immune system. She has strokes because she has high-blood pressure. A few years ago after a stroke, her body became paralyzed and blood got in her brain when a blood vessel broke. The blood filled half of her brain causing her to forget everything that was on that side of her brain. The doctors told my grandparents that she was definitely going to die, but she is still living today.Another horrible thing that happened was her husband didn’t want to help her and instead he got caught doing bad things like drinking alcohol and stealing drugs from doctors. My grandmother wanted them to get a divorce, but since the stroke, my aunt forgot her own name, her kid’s names and even how to write. A few months later, her husband fell down on the side walk, hit his head and had a blood clot. He had surgery and the doctors found out his whole body was ruined from the alcohol. They left him in the hospital, but he ended up dying. My cousin’s grandfather died from stomach cancer. The cancer causes extreme stomach pains when eating. At that time of his death my cousin Jacob was seven years old. In the days following his grandfather’s death, Jacob wouldn‘t eat. Normally he wasthin and full of energy, but he became even skinnier and instead of being adventurous he stayed in his room all day.A few years later my cousins Patricia and Jacob came to visit. Also, my cousin from Poland was here; her name is Kinga. I remember the moment perfectly. It was summer and my cousins Patricia, Kinga, my aunt (Jacob‘s and Patricia‘s mom), my mom and I were all sitting under a roof outside. We call it the picnic place, but is commonly called an outside patio. My mom, aunt, and cousin Kinga where talking about my cousin’s grandfather and how he died. It got silent and we were about to cry. I saw tears forming in my mom’s eyes. Then, we saw Jacob coming towards us. We thought he didn’t hear the conversation but he did. He said, “Don’t cry, Grandpa is in a better place now.” That brought smiles to our faces.So, I believe that death shouldn’t be as scary as we make it out to be. At the same time death shouldn’t be funny. It can give a person an eerie feeling knowing that we are all going to pass on and no one knows what will really happen.*I'm sorry it's so long.
A: Very interesting - You have a good story, but This I Believe essays are typically about a page and a half double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman font. This might be three pages in that format. Also:- no technical errors (this might be the first esssay I have seen without a few gramatical or spelling errors).- The essay should be a bit more about the belief than the story behind it. I was wondering if you were even writing about a belief until the very end.- "So, I believe" - As my teacher said when we were writing these in class, You shouldn't have to directly state your belief. It should become apparent through your stories and perspectives in the essay. It isn't essential that you fix this, but it is still something to consider.- you might be able to make the essay shorter by excluding some of the details. For instance, instead of saying exactly how each relative died, you might simply say something like "My aunt, who has a blood disorder called lupus, almost died a few years ago from a stroke."As for my personal perspectives on this (you may not care, but...):I completely agree that death shouldn't be feared as it is, but I have never liked phrases such as "he is in a better place." This phrase is so easy to believe and comforting that, even if it was false, it would be believed anyways. I am not saying that consoling people who have lost a loved one is wrong, but, to me, it seems wrong to simply say what they want to hear, reguardless of validity. You may disagree; this is only my personal belief.
I'm trying to figure out a diagnosis, possibly more than one?
Q: My head does not feel clear most of the time, as if congested.I have drank heavily in my early teens and bumped my head a couple of times. I was addicted to meth in my teens and had a stroke I beleive because I had a HUGE headache, all the blood vessels broke in my eye, ( my eye ) felt like it was going to pop out if I sneezed or even moved the wrong way, my speech was slurred on top of my being mute and mumbling from traumatic stress, I would drop things after that also, was generally clumsy. None of my friends took me to the hospital. It seems like it got a little better after I cleaned up. ( sober for 7 years now) I've also been reading up on lymph nodes and how some are located in the brain, I know it sounds really weird but the sides of my breasts itch when I breast feed my daughter. I was wondering if that also might have something to do with it, because your nodes can swell up any where they are located ( includung your head )I've talked with numerous professionals about this ( not the lymphs though) and they brush me off and don't listen to me. One gave me and answer I was waiting to hear " yes, it sounds like you had some hemmoraging" but that was it.Sometimes I still drop objects, my speech is still kind of messy. On top of that it could have something to do with my social phobia and anxiety about speaking with people, because I feel so stupid about how I sound or look and it makes it worse. How would I separate or integrate all this?Well, It does feel like it's swelled or congested and I have no idea why it hasn't been clear, for years.my concern is why my head feels so congested, how could it be allergies? what type? because it's constant.
A: What is your question? Why you are congested or why your breasts itch????Lymph nodes swell up closest to the area with the infection. They are not located in the brain BTW - they are in their own separate system; they are on the skull but not in the brain. They would not get big if you had had a stroke 7 years ago.You could be congested from chronic nasal rhinitis (allergies). You should really ask your doctor if you are having problems. Ask your doctor if you could go on a nasal steroid to try to relieve the congestion. Just one last bit of advice when talking to your doctor. Be very specific about your symptoms and your concern. Don't go into all the detail about hte friends not taking you to the hospital, your breasts itching when breastfeeding (which is normal BTW) etc. etc. WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN? Is it the congestion or is it the clumsiness? The hemorragic eye and apparent overdose sounds like it resolved, why make a doctor try to guess about reported symptoms when he can't physically assess you. I hate it when a patient comes in and has 50 million different complaints. I can't deal with each and every one in a short period (especially if it something that happened years ago with no repeats). I always ask them to narrow it to the most pressing concern, so that I can fully evaluate it.

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