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Who was the first person to perform open-heart surgery

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On July 9, 1893, Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open heart surgery. A young Black man named James Cornish was injured in a bar fight, stabbed in the chest with a knife. By the time he was transported to Provident Hospital he was closer to [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-was-the-first-person-to-perform-open%26%2345%3Bheart-surgery ]
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Who was the very first person to perform a successful open heart ...?
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams became the first person to perform successful open heart surgery in 1893. ChaCha on!
Who performed first open heart surgery?
Daniel Hale Williams - Introduction: African American Doctor Daniel Hale Williams is credited with having performed open heart surgery on July 9, 1893 before such surgeries were established. In 1913, Daniel Hale Williams Williams was the on...
Who was the first doctor to successfully perform an open heart su...?
It was in Greece, I think his name was Hippocrates,excuse my spelling if the name is wrong but, im positive it was in greece I can't tell you who performed the first open heart surgery, but I don't think Hippocrates was. The Greek's were ve...

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