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What kind of doctor puts people to sleep

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An anesthiologist is the type of Doctor that puts people under when they are having surgery. Thank you for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-doctor-puts-people-to-sleep ]
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What kind of doctor puts people to sleep?
An anesthesiologist or anesthetist.
What is the doctor that puts people to sleep before surgery calle...?
The doctor who helps you fall into a deep sleep before surgery is called an anesthesiologist. ChaCha for now. Text back soon!
What kinda doctor works in hospitals to put people to sleep durin...?
Anesthesiologist are a physician whose been trained to keep people safe and comfortable during surgery and put them to sleep.

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Nothing will get me to sleep?
Q: Trust me on this one, I been experimenting for years... there ARE NO prescription OR over the counter sleep or anxiety pills that work for me. The only pill I ever took that puts me to sleep was a morphine-like pill that i got once for severe stomach pains. well i finished the bottle long ago and i asked my doctor to write me a new prescription so i could use it for sleep and he gave me the old "its addictive, its dangerous" crap. which i dont believe to be true. i think when u find something that works people always discourage u from using it because they know that it works and dont want u to take the easy way out... they want u to be in pain for the rest of ur life. that miracle pill was called endocet, and since i cant get it, is there any way i can make some kind of creation out of over-the-counter pills that will have somewhat the same effect? im not like other people who can just dose off to sleep when they're tired. something in my brain is constantly preventing me from sleeping, and i always have a complete lack of energy, light headed, faint and clumsy. for this reason i could not hold down any job because i am too tired to leave the house ever. so is it possible to make my own morphine-like pills with the resources available? ive dreamed of sleep for so long. thats what keeps me alive, the dream that one day i will the way to sleep.my doctor is stupid he always sez im fine and has no idea what i have or how to treat me. everybody gives me prescriptions that dont do anything. they are playing games with me. i got the only prescription that worked by mistake, it was given to me for stomach pain.and that got me to sleep.of course ive tried melontanin, ITS THE SISSIEST STUFF EVER. IF U MENTION IT AGAIN ILL.......a sleep what? did u say sleep study? am i supposed to know what that is? do u wanna elaborate? i live in canada. y do i get the feeling im just guna waste my time? just give me the same pills hitler took so i can end this living nightmare already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (to sleep)someones from india? amazing. invite me please... i always knew the cure layed in india.
A: I am not sure what you diet is like, however in most cases sleeping problem is a dieter one. In general you might want to ensure that your diet include all the food groups in the natural form.Include more fresh fruits and vegetables, grains seeds, nuts and fish in your diet.Avoid refined sugar products, alcohol, tobacco (if you smoke) caffeine and all caffeine containing beverages (most energy drink on the market has caffeine), white flour products and highly processed foods.In the evening eat turkey, bananas, figs, dates, yogurt, milk, molasses, tuna, and whole grain crackers or nut butter. A grapefruit at bedtime is also good.Avoid having the following close to bedtime: bacon, cheese, chocolate, eggplant, ham, potatoes, sauerkraut, sugar, sausage, spinach, tomatoes, and wine.The sound of a fan, soft music played very low, or just the radio played very low are good stimulants. Or you may purchase a devise that generate white sounds - sounds of the ocean, falling rain on the roof, water fall etc.Many persons finds reading just before bedtime to be very relaxing. Just do not worry about bot being able to sleep. Do something relaxing - read or with your eyes closed listen to the low sound of something relaxing, or simply think about something pleasurable. I do hope this will help.
Being put to sleep?
Q: I'm not sure exactly how, but water got behind my ear drums and has kind of combined with things behind my ear or something (don't remember exactly what it is, but not important anyways) and has caused my left ear to be 85% deaf and my right ear 70% deaf. I'm scheduled to get surgery to remove what it is behind my eardrums later this week. What is going to happen is that a scalpel will be put in my ear to cut it open to remove what is causing my hearing loss and the doctor said i will notice immediate hearing improvements, which i enjoy. But due to the pain I will be put to sleep and that scares me a bit.So after all this i've bored you guys with (sorry) my question finally comes. I always hear stories of people not waking back up, or them being asleep but very few still feel the pain and this thought makes it hard to sleep at night. Is the risk really that bad? Are the odds of it happening to me high or low? And is the ability to hear perfectly again worth the possible risk?
A: the risk of waking up during surgery or NOT waking up afterwards is very slim. there will be several people in the operating room watching your vital signs and making sure you are doing ok while the dr operates.afterwards-you will be kept in the recovery room for a while to make sure you wake up ok from the surgery.i would most definetly have the surgery done if it's going to correct your hearing. so many people in the world can't hear and it's permanent-this would be a huge life adjustment for you and the risk is so low it's not even something to be worried aboutgood luck to you!!
My cat has fatty liver disease and he was very sick, i just want to help people with their questions about it?
Q: Hi, my cats name is fatso. He was 4 years and 8 months old. Fatso was a black cat with a very nice face and had long very beautiful hair. He was a very playful and kind cat to be around. He loved to joke around and rub his head against anyone who came close to him. Fatso was always purring and wouldn't hurt a fly because he was way too nice. He would always meow as loud as he could just so he would make sure that you knew he was there. Fatso had recently become very ill on Friday May 29, 2009. We noticed that Fatso had stopped eating quite a bit and has lost some weight even though Fatso, who was normally known for his name, loved to eat. Even though he stopped eating we noticed that his stomach was still getting bigger. He had also become very lethargic and stopped his purring. Fatso wasn't being himself. He seemed to be very thirsty on this Friday during the day, but he wouldn't drink anything because his mouth seemed to be hurting him. We tried to get him some water by squirting from through a syringe (without the needle of course) into his mouth. On that Friday night, fatso had started to throw up this white puffy gloop and it looked very painful for him. He kept trying to stick his tongue out like there was something caught in his throat. Fatso wasn't doing so well so we brought him to the vet on Saturday morning at 7 am. He stayed there in critical condition for 3 days. The vet did a blood sample test, and noticed that his liver enzymes were quite high. Fatso was put on IV and was taken care of for these 3 days. On the second day when we went to see Fatso he seemed to be looking a lot better. Then on Monday, the 3rd day or yesterday, we had a call from the vet saying that Fatso wasn't doing so well and that he would have to be transferred from the vet’s office to an actual animal hospital. So we made a decision and picked up Fatso from the vet and brought him to the animal hospital. When we picked him up the doctor seemed to be right because he seemed to have gone back to the way he was when we first brought him in. At this time Fatso's skin that was exposed above his eyes seemed to be turning yellow and this was because of the enzyme build-up in his liver. This caused his blood to change color which caused the skin to change color. I let him out of his carrying cage while we where waiting in the lobby of this animal hospital (In Guelph Ontario, this place is probably the best place in the world for sick animals and is called Guelph Animal Hospital) and I let him out of his cage. He sat with me for a little while but he wanted to walk around, so I let him. Fatso could barely stand up and fell to the floor twice. We put him up on the bench and he started to fall asleep. Since that time Fatso has had multiple tests and has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, pancreatitis, and fluid build-up in his stomach (which is the reason why his stomach was getting bigger even though he wasn't eating). After this call we decided that we did not want him to be poked and probed anymore because that is not the way a cat should live. Cats should be able to do everything they are supposed to do not sitting around eating food through a tube in his stomach. So we are going to go and see Fatso today but he is going to be put to sleep. The reason why I am writing this story is so that people who are in need of help and need answers quickly will be able to read Fatso's story and help there Kitten(s) or Cat(s). We will miss you always. For Fatso, it is what he would want me to do
A: This is a very sad story and I'm very sorry for your loss. It's very sad that Fatso had to suffer so much. At least you tried everything you knew to do. Hang in there as we all know how hard this is and it's OK to cry. I'm just SO sorry for your loss.What kind of food has Fatso been eating all these years? I'll bet the lesson here is what WILL happen to a cat being fed dry kibble and canned foods from the grocery stores or WalMart type stores. Commercial dog and cat foods, loaded with corn, wheat, soy, glutens, artificial preservatives like ethoxyquin, artificial colors, lots of toxic crap, will eventually cause major damage in our pets!! These foods cause allergies, kidney disease/failure, UTI's, liver disease/failure. The worst part of all of this is that the veterinarians around this world should KNOW this and put a stop to it. Just because the pet food is a mulitbillion dollar industry, DOES NOT MAKE IT OK that they're killing our pets. WE think we're doing the best we can for our pets and these BASTARDS KNOW that what they're putting into pet foods is KILLING our babies that we love with all of our hearts!! THIS IS A CRIME and HAS to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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