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What is an abscess on a dog

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A:An abscess is a sac or lump containing pus. They are caused by bacteria, parasites, or foreign material under the skin. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-abscess-on-a-dog ]
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What is an abscess on a dog
An abscess is a sac or lump containing pus. They are caused by bacteria, parasites, or foreign material under the skin. ChaCha
Can You Identify an Abscess in Your Dog?
Is it Dangerous? When a dog is not acting right you can almost always figure something is wrong. Luckily, often an abscess is visible. Remember, it can be very tender and painful around the site. It is a good idea from the time our dog is ...
How To Drain An Abscess On A Dogs Ear?
ever heard of prid it is an all natural drawing salve u can can get from a pharmacy put it on and put gauze on it so the pus will have a place to go do it for serval days but change it daily then use peroxide and neosporin on it when it com...

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How do I treat an abscess in my dog's mouth?
Q: I found this dog a little while ago and I have been keeping her because she is old and no one else would adopt her. She has developed a large abscess on her gum area in her mouth and it just recently started bleeding. The abscess looks pretty infected it has a very foul sent and it sticks out of her mouth even when her mouth is shut. I don't know what to do because I don't have the money to pay for her to see a vet. Is there any type of antibiotic that I could buy to give her in order to help the swelling or eliminate the abscess all together?
A: Well,you really need to take her to the vet,as it could be cancer and not an abscess at all. Until you get the money,you can give the dog amoxicillin or tetracycline.Also,clean the sore/tumor with peroxide every day to kill bacteria. You can use amoxicillin or tetracycline labeled for fish or humans. The info you need is here:http://www.pets-haven.com/antibiotics_dogs.htm
what do i do with my dog? (abscess ball)?
Q: I recently found a little abscess ball on my dog's neck (about the size if a peanut), he was scratching it a lot and i think he poped it while he scratched it because now the hair around it is stuck together...he also has another one on his chin now...does anyone know why he got them and how can i get rid of them? is there any medicine i can give him?
A: You will likely need to see a vet for a definite diagnosis but here are some possibilities:1. Cyst: usually benign. Can be aggravated by itching, not usually a problem until they grow large or impede the dog's ability to function.2. Canine acne. Yep it happens.3. Abscesses: from bites or cuts, usually pussy, require antibiotics.4. Staph infection: will sometimes create pimples, though more often on bellies.If you want to try to wait it out, clip the hair around the area, clean with peroxide and neosporin won't hurt. But if it persists, call a vet.
what is reasonable for a vet to charge to drain an abscess on a medium size dog?
Q: The abscess is on the dogs neck. It will require general anesthesia, shave, a small incision.
A: Who are we to say how much all those things are going to cost the vet. You should be calling them about the price. If something seems off about it then ask them to break it down for you so you know what you're paying for.

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