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What happens if a cyst goes untreated

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A:An untreated cyst can cause a skin abscess, or infection in the underlying soft tissue. Best to see your doctor about treatment. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-cyst-goes-untreated ]
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What happens if a cyst goes untreated
An untreated cyst can cause a skin abscess, or infection in the underlying soft tissue. Best to see your doctor about treatment.
What is the worst thing that can happen if you let ovarian cysts ...?
They can rupture causing extreme pain and sometimes bleeding that may require surgery to control. If you have numerous cysts that rupture it can lead to scarring of the ovaries and possibly infertility. Many women have cysts at some point t...
What could happen if cysts on ovaries go untreated
Though, the majority of cysts are usually addressed by way of a general change in diet, including high strength health supplements, or even having to take medications, you will see minimal instances when ovarian cyst medical operation is ne...

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What can happen if you let a Pilonidal Cyst go untreated?
Q: I had a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone about a year ago. I had to go to the ER and they cut it open and drained it, but before they did that, I was given a local anesthetic, in other words, a HUGE needle was inserted into the nerve on my tailbone. In my opinion the treatment was far worse than the actual pain. I believe the cyst has come back and was wondering if anyone had any experience with Pilonidal Cysts and could tell me what would happen if I just endured the pain and let it take care of itself instead of having it treated.
A: A pilonidal cyst needs to be treated, it can evolve into a fistula with the rectum. In that case you will have an opening in your rectum, and no control of the feces oozing out of it. I've nursed patients with this condition, and believe me, you do NOT want that.I had a pilonidal cyst surgically excised 10 years ago, and it still comes back from time to time(although it was gone for 7 years), but now that I know what it is, I'm able to detect it earlier and treat it with antibiotics.You should see your doctor about having it excised, it will happen under full anesthesia, and you'll be back to normal in a few days.If you only drain/lance it and you don't remove it, and it is very likely to come back.
What happens if you rupture your achillies tendion and it goes untreated?
Q: I hurt my foot almost amonth ago.. stepped over the baby gate felt a pop and felt exctructiating pain... the doctor on call said i most likely had a ganglian cyst that popped and it would feel better in a week.. by my math calculations(although i dont work for nasa so i COULD be wrong) i should have been better 2-3 weeks ago... when i walk my heel hurts when i push off with my toes and my heel constantly hurts(not as bad as originally but it's not lightend since the day after) it was suggested by someone that it could be an achillies tendion rupture. if it IS what would happen if i walked around on it?
A: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/ruptured_tendon/article_em.htmIf you ruptured your Achilles tendon you will be unable to support yourself on your tiptoes on the affected leg (you may be able to flex your toes downward because supporting muscles are intact).Since your pain is persisting you should go to a doctor. Your doctor may do a Thompson test. In this test, your doctor will have you kneel on a chair and dangle your foot over the edge. The doctor will then squeeze your calf in a particular place. If the toes on your foot don't point downward when the doctor squeezes, then you probably have a ruptured Achilles tendon.All ruptured tendons, regardless of site, follow standard RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) home therapy procedure as you seek medical attention.Treatment without surgery involves placing your foot so that the sole of the foot is pointed downward for 4-8 weeks. The problem with this treatment is that it has a rerupture rate of up to 30%. Surgery to repair your Achilles tendon is recommended for active people who desire near normal strength and power in plantarflexion. An additional advantage with surgical correction is a lower rerupture rate of the tendon.
Cyst on back of leg?
Q: I'm 16 and I dont know exactly what it is but there is a little smaller than dime sized red bump on the back of my leg with really thick skin over it. I looked up cysts on the internet and it looks related to this. I have had it for 2+ months and it hasnt been painful or irritating at all. Is it a cyst? If it is what should I do? What happens if it goes untreated?
A: A dime sized bump? Sounds like a cyst. It will probably just stay there if you doing nothing. My mother once got a cyst on her forehead! It looked like an angry boil. She wasn't sure if she should pop it because there might have been a risk for infection.When she went to the doctor, the doctor popped the cyst anyway. Soon it grew back because not all of the gunk inside the cyst was taken out. My mother decided to pop it on her own and she covered the open cyst with lots of Neosporin. Popping the cyst by yourself may be the best solution but I would be careful because there is a risk for infection. When the situation worsens for whatever reason, it's time to go to the doctor.

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