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What does preop mean

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Pre-op is short for preoperative: pre-op testing or a pre-op patient. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-preop-mean ]
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What does preop mean
Pre-op is short for preoperative: pre-op testing or a pre-op patient. Thank you for using ChaCha!
What does PREOP stand for?

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What does this mean on Family Guy?
Q: Quagmire: WOAH! Transvestite backoff!!Quagmire: Wait a second PRE-OP or POST-OP?Lady: Pre-Op.Quagmire: WOAH! Transvestite backoff!!________QUESTION IS_________What does the PREOP or POSTOP mean?LISTEN:http://www.realmofdarkness.net/sounds/fg/quagmire-soundboard-1.htm
A: it means quagmire is willing to do it with a guy that was converted to a female through surgery but not with a guy thats just dressed up in female clothing.although he has done it with guys at other times perhaps unknowingly :P
Pre op assessment at orthopaedic out patient appointment ??? help please?
Q: well i have been told i may need a triple fusion in my foot by my GP i have been passed on to the hospital and have received a letter for an appointment the thing is i do not understand a little part of the letter it is as followsIf your name is added to the orthopaedic waiting list you will be required to attend a pre operative assessment - please make time for this.so does that mean i will have the pre op assessment that day as there is no mention of a later date and if it does turn into a preop assessment how long will it be before i have surgery? and what is involved in a pre op assessment?many thanks in advance
A: Have no idea of how things are done where you are as this does not sound like how things are done in the US. From what you have stated, it sounds as tho you have been referred to an Ortho specialist to determine if your foot requires surgery which is what I am assuming is meant by the 'preop assessment.' If that is true, xrays would be done if they have not already been done, and then perhaps a meeting with the ortho doc who would exam you & tell you whether surgery was or was not needed. Here in the US, things are done differently. Xrays would be ordered by your doc ahead of time and a referral appt set up with the Ortho doc to see the xrays for their exam & opinion. No vague letter would be sent like this. Hope this helps some. Perhaps you should call the office and ask what it means in plain language.
Can a current/prior USMC Staff NCO or Officer answer please?
Q: My Husband has been a Marine now for 13 years, for the past 7 years he has been a Sgt. He has been passed over 6 times now (for reasons that the Corps would not share with him) and as you know that means he will be forced out when his EAS comes around. They put in for him to have an extension in November and he deployed in January with still no word on the extension. In March he was denied the extension. This meant he would be unable to serve the entire deployment and would be sent home at the half way point. In the mean time back at home I had been trying to get surgery scheduled for myself. I could not schedule this surgery with out knowing his home coming date. So he explained to his Msgt what was going on and that my surgery date depended on his homecoming. So we were told he would return in may. I postponed my surgery until the end of June beginning of july knowing he would have to spend close to a month on base before terminal leave began. Well when the 2 week mark came around we were informed that the may date had now been moved to June It was still early enough that my surgery would be ok. Also at this time we knew that we needed to find a place to stay for the few weeks we would have to be near base. So my DH asked Msgt if that was going to be a good date and he assured him it was. On this we put the money down on a place and I began counting the days till I would see my husband again. Well we are now 2 weeks out from our June date and we have now been told that our June date was never really given to us. My husband was basically told that he made up that date to tell me. I find it very strange that he would make up a date and then let me spend $1100.00 on a place to stay. This has now not only put us out the money but me out a surgery that I need because by the time we get home and I spend the time on antibiotics and the few preop things that have to wait till a few days before surgery I will not have time to get my surgery and then have my post ops before my husbands EAS and the end of our insurance. I have seen my husbands mental state change in the past few days as well as my own along with my health. We are both at our wits end and are not sure what to do next. Please if anyone has suggestions let me know.NO he asked and was told it was none of his business. but we think a lot o it is that he has been on light/limited duty for the most of the past 7 years.His light duty was do to the Corps he had to have surgery twice and it took them 4 years to figure that out. Yes my surgery is elective however it is needed I can have it or I can die an early death. I did not ask them to send him home for my surgery only to let us know when he would be coming home.
A: you have a lot of things going on. Normally when things get this out of hand the best place to go is the Chaplain.He can normally get the answers you need and he can refer you to the correct resources for help.

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