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What do Doctors test for when they take blood before surgery

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What the blood is tested for depends on the type of surgery the person is having. It could be tested for acidity, or infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-doctors-test-for-when-they-take-blood-before-surgery ]
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What do Doctors test for when they take blood before surgery?
Common things tested for in blood before surgery are white blood count, glucose, potassium and sodium.

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please anybody tell me what I can do about this surgery that happen to me and the abusive I received?
Q: I went in at a hospital that will admit they only do minor surgery so I rested asure that if anything happen I be transfered to advanced hospital, and in no way did I give informed consent for this type surgery or either was I ever told that this could even be a possiability to even be a slight chance of happening especially at this hospital that says they only do minor surgery because thats all there able to handle due to there recources they are available to them. I went in for removal glabladder and even mother was in waiting room right out side that I got down as emergecy contact in case emergecy he failed even to get her approval it not like he had to make a split second decision nor my life was in no danger at all clearly thats in my records.when came to in hospital I had a 15 inch cut not 15 staples 15 inch cut and this was a glabladder surgery the surgeon says he had to do open surgery because of adhesion he should could have stopped with a small 3 inch incision that laparscopy was used then that gave me my only chance to make informed decision on with the facts and risk.but this surgeon went ahead made decision to do major surgery on me thats changed my life for ever and has done damage to not only one part body but severtal am 41 years old he cut my vagus nerve also my family doctor had took exray of my liver before surgery and then after surgery put them side by side before surgery the liver was clear after surgery even I see that they was a scar on liver about 3 inches long and about week later devolp a cyst on liver 7.9 cm due to this also after the surgery he gave me wrong kind of medication pain medication that was given in shot form that hit me all one time causeing me to halicate badly 2 out ever 4 hours for 5 days had 4 different nurses 2 different doctors and all them seen the effects the pain shots was doing to me should have none of all these people seen that I was not getting enough oxygen to brain causeing me halicate and was completly out my mind and I was not able to tell nobody that something was bad wrong resulting in passive atelcatisis thats was not on chest exray before the surgery I was not even told about this much less treated for it and the same amounts massive amounts of pain medication 75 to 100 demiral with 25 and 50 mg of phengition together.this went on for 5 days even own first day I halicateing so badly I ripped out both Iv out both arms blood all over room bed they came in cleaned up but failed to change medication even after this so I lay there for 5 day night day out my mind from this and at same time the damage to lungs from not being able breath deep enough to produce enough oxygen to brain lungs heart and first day atelcatisis showed up on exray but surgeron or hospital doctor or any of 4 differnt nurses all the different medical people takeing blood doing test all seen me in this condition and did nothing to help me so I left in room suffering so bad not able eat drink at all also on ct scan showed that had several loops in colon filled with filled with fluild 4.9 cm says if over 3 cm consiter dilated ever what that means on this problem not for sure what dilated means but not only did not get treated for this I was not even told about it found it out in my hospital records that was not filled out by the surgeon did the surgery it was from the hospital doctor so he abdon me turning me over to hospital doctor after this major surgery and the hospital doctor did not does not have no experience in what to look for after a major surgery like this something he might think was not important the surgeon if was told about it might seen this could been something real serious when hospital doctor only thought minor problem not worth mention to nobody I devolp fever right away after surgery fever no less that 101.3 wbc of 24,000 infection in lungs so much fluild inform loops in colon several them they did nothing to help this or even tell me about it also had to find all this out in records and all records was typed out by the hospital doctor not the surgeron that did the surgery on me so not even sure what information he evn given about all these condition resulting in me being the sickest on 5 day than was the whole 5 days in hospital not tolerateing nothing no food no water nothing at all seateing running down my back haveing cold chills so bad even I feezing or buring up to top off this surgeron dismised me with ne less than 101.3 fever wbc of 16,000 infection in lungs so much fluild in colon filled with fluild several them 4.9 cm says if over 3 cm its concired dilated not sure what dilated means about this condition but says if dilated need to be trained to prevent it from causeing damage to other organs as it did causeing damage to liver putting so much pressure on liver it caused it to tire all this I got records before the surgery that says my lungs was clear no fluild incolon filled with fluild inseveral loops 4.9 cm putting pressure on all organs of stomach d
A: Sweetie, you need to break your question up into sentences so we can understand what you are talking about. A sentence means you start the first word off with a capital letter and end it with a period. See how my thoughts are broken up into sentences with a capital letter and period? You just need to learn how to make sentences. I'm not saying this to be mean. It's just constructive criticism that will help you if you listen. Please try again.
Doctors wont give me a diagnosis can you help me out PLEASE!
Q: Hello, I am a 16 year old female. Ever since I was little i was always in pain. I’m sorry to burden you all, but I just really want to know what’s going on. Doctors just think I’m full of it, and don’t think it’s possible. Even if you could help me out on one topic your time and knowledge is GREATLY appreciated! The most common pain I’ve got is stomach. I've had this ever since I was little, we then found out I was allergic to milk, not lactose. That was then taken out of my diet and labels were then checked thoroughly and were avoided. The pain still was still there. Now it’s been really acting up. I was admitted into the hospital for observation for a full weekend, and was given milk of magnesia, toradol, and prevacid. They did a series of blood tests, CT scan, upper GI, and ultrasound. Everything was normal, but i was still feeling the pain. I wasn't eating because it hurt so much, as soon as the food hit my stomach i would get the most excruciating pain in my stomach and I’d be unable to move. They now have me on previacid but without it I wouldn’t be eating at all. I also have pain in my knees, really achy and sore usually when there is a cold wind, storm, or rain coming. Back when I was 13 I had an injury, and just recently got surgery done on it. I was prescribed Naproxen and Perkisets. Problem was there was a sack of water on the bone on my left knee on the inside part. (You know the piece facing the other knee) Anyways, so that was taken out and nerves are still growing back. After the surgery and even now I still get pain when weather changes happen. I've gotten tested for arthritics, but it's shown up negative. Arthritic does run in the family quite bad, but if i had it wouldn't it have showed up on the blood test? I've also been just extremely tired. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get I’m still tired. I've gotten 15 hours sleep and woke up still tired. I've been tested for anemia and mono. They were normal. An all around feeling of unwell. Bad pressure in my head also has been happening for a while now. It feels like my head is going to explode, and also feels like it’s on fire along with my ears. The one night back in June, I was sitting at my computer reading an article when I started to feel sort of weird. I would read then a word would be missing, so I started from where the sentence started and would try again. That word would be there but the next few weren’t. Then my vision went really weird, it was like I was looking underwater at bunch of bubbles, or in the bubbles. So I went downstairs to my mom and was just standing there shaking. I laid down on the couch and was shaking and didn’t know where I was, I was slurring my words and not making much sense at all, i was looking all over the room really fast, i was sweating, my head was hot (like feverish) and my feet and hands were cold and clammy. I was menstruating at the time. My mom called 911, the arrived took my vitals, blood sugar and everything was starting to return to normal. They didn’t take me cause id be waiting in the ER waiting room with everyone else because of car crash victims that just arrived, and cause I was going back to normal. The male didn't see a need to go either, but the female wanted me to go. The next day I was shaky and tired like usual. Thanks for reading my issues, any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. I’m going back to the doctors on the 27th of August Please post before then!sorry i forgot to mention that in the always being tired part, that no matter how much sleep i get, im still tired. I never feel like doing anything i just feel like sleeping.
A: The stomach pain could be caused by a pH imbalance - try eating acidic products or basic products to help even out the pHyou might suffer from insomnia which means you dont get the quality sleep you need so even if you do sleep for 15 hours you will still feel worn out the pressure sounds like a sinus infection you should see a different doctor if they are telling you that you are full of it - doctors that dont believe you are worthless and its better to just see someone else - no point in giving money to some worthless jerk whos just trying to make some moneybest of luck to you
dog had surgery sent home near death rushed her to another vet to save her $5,500.00?
Q: went on vacation to Florida for few weeks first vacation in 7 years.the person taking care of the dog said here urine was dark we should bring her to a vet.we brought her to are vet here in town they did a ex ray and showed me she had lot of stones and said she needed mediate bladder surgery.OK told us the surgery would cost between 1500 & 1700 plus I already paid 350 for blood work and x rayswe decided to have it done the following Monday.brought her in early Monday morning 8:00 AM we stopped feeding her 6:00 PM the nite before also stopped giving her water 10:00 PM the nite before.the dog was ok before the surgery you would never know anything was wrong with her, running jumping barking etc.we were told to pick her up 8:30 the next morning Tuesday after the surgery.we called Tuesday to pick her up the vet said she did not wet yet to pick her up around 12:00 PM to 1:00 PMwe went to the vet around that time he said she still did not wet and she would be best at home cause she was not doing good there.we brought her home she was in real bad shape she could hardly walk I had to carry her into the car.then when we made it home I had to carry her out she could not get up.we put her in the porch it is about 10 ft by 25 ft we were told to give her a 1/4 of a cup of water every few hrs we did every time she threw it up. well she was just standing there in the room looking at the wall her legs shaking then she would lay there and look at the wall.we never had a dog have surgery so we thought it was normal, we found out she had a hole in her bladder and it was leaking in her stomach that why when she threw up it was brown.this went on all nite I stayed on the porch with her.in the morning we called the vet he said to bring her to another vet hospital and have ultra sound done.we did bring her this other hospital was 25 miles away.they did the ultra sound and said her abdomen was filled with liquid and her bladder.they said they would have to do a blood test to see if she had a hole in her bladder.anyway they told me they would have to keep her there 3 to 5 days and due surgery to fix her up and put a catheter in her, and pump her up with iv before doing surgery.I asked how much they told me 5000 but they would give me 30 percent discount for total of 3500.I said for them to do it.also before that I told them I wanted to bring her back to my vet they said he does not want her.they spoke with him on the phone.when I left there she could not stand her eyes were sunk in she looked like death I felt bad.they gave her surgery the next day after they revived her with iv's.the following day after the surgery we went to visit her about same time span as when we seen here from the first surgery, what a difference she was in pain but walking and real alert not standing looking at a wall.plus she cried little well she was sore and had a cathiter in herwell they kept her two more days total five days at 2nd hospital now she is fine.killed my bank account, she is a keshhound real good dogshe had 17 stones removed the largest are about 2 inches by 2 inches pee size to two that are egg sizeAnyway was the first doctor wrong he kept saying when we first picked her up that Tuesday.to take her to the hospital if you have a problem at nite when my office is closed he said that like 3x?should I get my money back from the first doctor or what.we were at the end of are wits all week hereOK this is a small update on something I left outWhen I brought My dog to the second vet, that was a big hospital with a lot of vets.the vet that seen her said she was real dehydrated.he said before he did any test he was 99.9 percent shore she had a hole in her bladderthat was causing fluids to leak in her abdomen.ALSO HE SAID FROM LOOKING AT THE X RAYS I BROUGHT IN.that the surgery looked very complicated and this was no malpractice.note: this hospital was recommended by the first doctor.also I said nothing about sue or anything like that, I just said that when she went in for her surgery she was in good shape, but when I had her back she was in space and looking at the wall and just throwing up everytime I gave her water.think these vets try to protect each other.note the first vet let her go without urinating and barley able to stand also I think she was really drugged up.we never had a dog have surgery we thought it was normal, but now we knownote also went back to first vet to get report on what caused the stones, was infection in her diet caused stones, also he gave me a free bag of hils dog biskets and food worth about 28 dollars with no charge I said nothing to him on how I really feel.just glad we have the dog back, the money just set me back big time and now im thinking hard here.note the first vet called us 3 x after we went to second hospital to say how sorry he was. my wife was upset with him I was in the middle I just said thank you for calling and that it was ok.
A: Sounds to me the first vet may have nicked her bladder when removing the stones. Ask the second vet if that is a possibility (especially since she seemed fine with the exception of the abnormal urination prior to the inital surgery). If that is the case, then the first vet should at minimum refund the money you paid him, but I'd rather see him pay for the emergency visit (that's why they have insurance). If the first vet gives any flack, get a lawyer. Be sure to get a statement in writing from the second vet concerning the hole in the bladder. It's unfortunate, and those things happen, but the first vet is still liable and as I said, that's why they have insurance.Also, find out what made the stones, usually changing the diet will take care of the problem.

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