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What did king Francis II of France die of

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A:Francis II of France. who had always been sickly, died at the age of 16, when an ear infection caused an abscess in his brain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-did-king-francis-ii-of-france-die-of ]
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When did King Francis II of France die?
King Francis II of France died on December 5, 1560.

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Q: can u guys write a one paragraph review on this articleMaria Theresa, the eldest daughter of Austrian emperor Charles VI, was born on May 13, 1717. At the age of 23, when her father died, she was the only possible heir to the throne. She inherited her father’s royal positions and became the archduchess of Austria, the Holy Roman empress, and the Queen of both Hungary and Bohemia. Over her 40-year reign, Maria Theresa accomplished countless achievements that strengthened many aspects of her country. Not only was she the first woman leader of the Hapsburg dynasty, but many felt she was also the strongest and most liked leader of the time.Maria Theresa’s first and perhaps greatest challenge as a powerful leader was King Frederick II of Prussia. In the year of 1740, Frederick II decided to occupy Silesia because he thought the death of Charles VI would make the challenge easy. At the same time, France and Bavaria invaded Maria Theresa’s lands to the west. Looking for military assistance, Maria Theresa went to the Hungarians and asked for help. Their response for her plea was that, “Our lives and blood for your Majesty!” These occupations were what started the War of Austrian Succession, which lasted eight years. Although in the end, she was never able to get Silesia back from Frederick VI, Maria Theresa was able to keep her empire intact and unified, as well as she won the support of her people and her husband, Francis Stephen, was named the Holy Roman Emperor. She was also able to strengthen the power of the Hapsburg Empire by making the system of taxation better as well as adjusting the bureaucracy. The Seven Years’ War was another war where Maria Theresa encountered Frederick II. The war started when Maria Theresa decided that her empire was strong enough to take on Prussia and take Silesia back. Austria had made an alliance with France and Russia, and they thought that they were strong enough to defeat Frederick II. The Seven Years’ War resulted in Prussia claiming Silesia once and for all.The empress was known for doing whatever she could for the benefit of her country. She felt that it was necessary to reform the administration. She said, “…it has been my sole aim to acquaint myself with the condition and strength of my states, and then honestly to become acquainted with the abuses existing in them…” Over her 40-year reign, Maria Theresa made and passed many reforms that benefited her people. Some of her achievements included being able to raise enough money to support her army of 108,000 men, banning the oppression of the working class, establishing a supreme court, and making a new civil code. She also increased oversea trade and strengthened her army. Education and religion were important issues to Maria Theresa. She focused her attention on improving the education system of her empire, as well as maintaining a unified Catholic empire. All of these achievements were major accomplishments that the remarkable woman made happen for her country.Although Maria Theresa was an extremely important figure of power, she was also a wife and mother. The empress was married to Francis Stephen of Lorraine, who later became the Holy Roman Emperor. She was also the mother of 16 children, eleven girls and five boys. Among her many children were emperors Joseph II and Leopold II, as well as Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Being as good a mother as she was a leader, Maria Theresa was always there for her children, offering them assistance and guidance when they needed it.Maria Theresa was loved by her people, and was known as a kind, honorable, and generous person. Many people felt as though she was the best Habsburg leader ever. Even Frederick the Great said, “She has done honor to the throne and to her sex; I have warred with her but I have never been her enemy.” Her countless achievements changed Austria for the better, and affected so many people. She will always be remembered not only as a great leader, but also as a wonderful person.
A: Well, I can't say it's the only mistake, as I am short on time here, but the sentence that includes "as well as she won the support of her people and her husband, Francis Stephen, was named Holy Roman Emperor." sounds bad. It should say "as well as winning" not "as well as she won", and also it sounds like she won the support of the people and her husband. That next part about her husband should be its own sentence. Like, "..as well as winning the support of the people. In addition, her husband, Francis Stephen, was named.." etc.

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