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What cures are there for glaucoma

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Glaucoma treatment is to lower the eye pressure, either with eyedrops or surgery. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-cures-are-there-for-glaucoma ]
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What cures are there for glaucoma
Glaucoma treatment is to lower the eye pressure, either with eyedrops or surgery. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Can glaucoma be cured?
Damage to the optic nerve cannot be repaired, although much research is being carried out. However, with early diagnosis, regular check-ups and appropriate treatment, further damage may be kept to a minimum.
Can acute glaucoma be cured?
If diagnosed without delay and treated promptly and effectively there may be almost complete and permanent recovery of vision. Delay may cause loss of sight in the affected eye. Occasionally the eye pressure may remain a little raised and t...

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Is there a cure for Glaucoma?
Q: What causes Glaucoma? Is the condition reversible? Can it be cured? Or at least, can the condition be slowed down?
A: I know one sure cure for slowing down glaucoma -- weed, i am not joking, its completely true. I read about it before, one guy who now lives in Amsterdam (nis nickname is Glaucoma Jack) was told by his doctors that he will lose his sight and he didn't. Research it, can't hurt.
what is Glutathione is it ready can cure glaucoma?
Q: I read a few years back about an ophthamologist in the State of Washington who was having success treating patients with a natural food. Studies have shown that the eyes are depleat in the natural substance called Glutathione (your body makes this). What he did was have his patients dissolve a pinch of 100% bio-available whey protein isolate in sterile saline solution (like what Bausch and Lomb sell over the counter). You simply put a couple drops in each eye 2-3 times per day. It takes 3-4 months for the body to heal itself, but he found remarkable results. You could Google "glaucome, glutathione" or "glaucoma , whey protein" if you want to find out more.Briefly why it works. Every cell in your body requires glutathione. When your body, or a part is depleated, the cells will oxidyze more readily. Also, your body will not make a new cell if there is insufficient glutathione available to protect it. Bio-available simply means that it is ready to be used by a cell. Thus, the cells in the eye will absorb the protein and the essential amino acids it provides will directly be used to manufacture glutathione. That's it in a nutshell.•4 hours ago
A: Basically, a glaucoma cure currently does not exist, but there are many things you can do to help protect your vision. Yes, there is now an emerging research that suggests that a small protein called glutathione plays a significant role in protecting the eyes. Given that Glaucoma patients have been found to generally have very low glutathione levels, increasing glutathione levels with improved ocular nutrition can halt progress and often reverse these conditions. Alpha-Lipoic Acid may also help in the natural treatment of Glaucoma, because of its ability to regenerate several antioxidants back to their active states, but in the case of acute angle-closure glaucoma, treatment must be initiated immediately to prevent permanent vision loss. In this case, the patient must be treated medically and should not attempt to use natural therapies or nutritional supplements.DimaPGY-I year
marijuana cures cancer and glaucoma......?
Q: I am not going to say that it is a definate cure for all cancers but there is evidence that it causes autophagy in brain cancer cells, slowing growth and sometimes preventing further growth. Glaucoma is caused by excessive occular pressure, which is reduced by marijuana. It helps prevent seizures and helps many other health problems. Look it up. We are being efd in the a by our government. There are scientists that want to research marijuana, but the dea will not give them permits to get it. They do not want to find a cure for disease. They want to shoot 92 y.o. ladies on noknock searches, and plant bags of weed on them. They want to kill dogs and rip houses apart. Wait till they claim to have the wrong address and bust down your door. When your son gets shot for playing with his toy gun with the dea in the living room, we'll see if this is important. We need to stand up people. Who doesn't know someone who has or has had cancer? This affects all of us. the only way this plant could be legalized in the near future is if everyone made a stand, together, and just said no to the givernment's outdated drug policy. smoke it in every house, in public places(AWAY from the kids) , grow it everywhere, and make it impossible to irradicate. Sounds crazy, but if everyone(literally) did it, the dea and the courts would be overrun. Would 95% of the American population be put in prison? Unlikely. people need to stand up for the sick and the dying and the wrongly imprisoned. That is what this country is all about. what will we do?THE QUESTION IS:We need to stand up for the sick and the dying and the wrongly imprisoned. That is what this country is all about. what will WE do?"""yea im sure the government doesnt want us to smoke weed cause it would miraculously make all diseases go away.""" 1. When did I say it would you cunnt? i specifically said that it wouldnt cure all cancer but it causes autophagy in brain tumors. Do you have any idea what that means? No you don't. 2.This is the government that recieves millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies every year. They profit from your pain. I would love to move to a different country and would still want it to be legal in the states as people are going to jail, being killed, and lives are ruined for this prohibition. Peace
A: To all of you who doubt, there have actually been tons of legit studies that cannabinoids KILL cancer cells. Taking large, concentrated doses of THC and other cannabinoids, can actually be used to treat and CURE cancer. Take a look at Rick Simpson. He makes a special oil that he has used on hundreds of patients, and has had spectacular results. phoenixtears.caAlso, get familiar with Dr. Bob Melamede, he's a professional on cannabis and he backs up everything Rick is saying. He also agrees that cannabis is a very effective treatment of cancer. You don't smoke cannabis to cure cancer, when you smoke it you are hardly getting any medicinal value from it. According to Dr. melamede and Rick Simpson, taking raw, unburned cannabinoids is how you get the full medicinal value from it.

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