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What causes optic nerve swelling

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A:Some important causes of optic nerve swelling are brain tumors and brain infections, such as a brain abscess or meningitis. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-optic-nerve-swelling ]
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What causes optic nerve swelling
Some important causes of optic nerve swelling are brain tumors and brain infections, such as a brain abscess or meningitis. MORE?
Why is my optic nerve swollen?
It sounds to me like you MIGHT have a condition known as Optic Neuritis.
Does the pristiq cause swelling in the optic nerve?
I'm not sure whether it'll cause optic nerve swelling, but it can cause a serious side effect of blurred vision, which may be related to what you are experiencing. However, vision changes is also a serious side effect of Seroquel. So it's h...

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I have optic nerve swelling, pressure headaches, and peripheral vision loss. Whats wrong with me?
Q: The past 6 months I have had a headache the wont go away. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it. It feels like there is pressure right behind my eyes. Tylenol or advil wont work. I went to the eye doctor and he said that my optic nerves were swollen, but he didnt know the cause. Also, I have had side vision loss, and my eye reactions are a little slow. I had a MRI and they found a Rathkye's pouch cyst, but my doctor said that this was not the cause. Ive been reading and the cyst usually casuses eye pressure. I went to another doctor and he wasnt sure what was causing it either. I just want to know if the cyst could be causing all of these problems. Im only 22 and this is causing tons of problems with my life and I would just like to know what is causing the problem.
A: I don't think you are going to get more accurate information on Yahoo Answers than your doctors are giving you. I do want to clarify something that you may not understand. There are several kinds of pressure we can talk about when we talk about eyes. What you have is an increase in cerebral spinal fluid pressure. There is fluid that surrounds your brain, spinal column and optic nerves. If the pressure goes up there, you will experience the type of symptoms you are experiencing. There are a number of reasons this can happen. I don't think your doctors will let this go until they discover the cause. Another kind of pressure that involves eyes is intra ocular pressure. This happens if more fluid is produced inside the eye than drains away. This is called glaucoma. It also produces visual field loss but is otherwise completely unrelated to what you are experiencing. Both of these situations are unrelated to high blood pressure. Most people that say they experience pressure around their eyes don't have any of these conditions.
Does anyone know anything about causes/treatment for swollen optic nerves?
Q: About a week ago I started having headaches, just normal headaches so I didn't really thing anything of them even though I have rarely had headaches before. On January 1 and 2 the headaches increased severely. Definitely the worst headache I've ever had. It was accompanied by nausea and severe sensitivity to light. On the 3rd, the headache was back down to just normal headache level, but the vision in my left eye was blurry. This blurriness increased throughout the day and by that evening it was causing me to see double. A couple days after this, I was still seeing double, so I went to the doctor (Jan. 5). She said I was probably having a migraine and gave me a couple pills to take and said to come back if my vision didn't get better. A few days later I was still seeing double and the vision in my left eye was extremely blurry. I went back to the doctor (Jan. 8). This time she said it was due to high blood pressure and prescribed me Lisinopril (10mg) and told me to get an eye exam. So later that day I went to Walmart Vision Center and got an eye exam and an Optomap photo of my eye taken. That doctor told me that my optic nerves were swollen, my left eye more than my right and referred me to an eye specialist. The next morning I went to this eye specialist and he said that I had pseudotumor cerebri (which coincidentally my husband has a severe case of, he has a shunt). This doctor sent me to the E.R. for an MRI and a lumbar puncture. Both tests came back clean. Now I have another appointment with the specialist and an appointment with a neurologist. (btw, the specialist said my vision wouldn't clear up for 3 months!) I was wondering if anyone had any idea what other tests they may do or what might be wrong with me?? I don't have health insurance and I'm really starting to worry about paying for all this stuff! Anyone else ever gone through anything like this? Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!!
A: How odd that both you and your husband have benign intracranial hypertension. I have alot of information for you. I will email you shortly.
Swollen Optic Nerve? I have one..getting results from my MRI tommorrow. Anyone else had this?
Q: They told me at the eye doctor that I have a swollen optic nerve. I had a MRI done tonight and get my results tommorow. Anyone else had a swollen optic nerve? What was causing it? Thanks!
A: Can be a variety of causes, but, I t will be unwise to say anything till the results are out. I hope you do not mind

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