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What Bumps on chest of horse

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A:Many times if the bumps on a horse's chest are small they are bug and spider bites. They could also be abscesses or injuries. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-bumps-on-chest-of-horse ]
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What Bumps on chest of horse
Many times if the bumps on a horse's chest are small they are bug and spider bites. They could also be abscesses or injuries.

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Weird bumps on my horses chest?
Q: I recently noticed some weird bumps on my horses chest and in the (loose skin) in between her front legs. some of them are under the skin and others have broken open and are bleeding. The flies won't leave her alone, i put some SWAT on it and for now the flies have stopped eating at it. I would just like to know what these are, And what i can do to make them go away. help?
A: It is either bug bites, or he is allergic to something like his bedding. Call the vet out and see what you should do about it. I personally think that a professional's opinion is better than random people's on the internet.
my horse has a bump on her chest!
Q: i have a mare. the vet said that she is 26 and up. i saved her from staving. i put about 100 pounds on her. but anyways i found a bump on her chest that is hard and the size of a baseball. and i need to know what it is? can someone help me!its just a lump its not cut open like a tumor would be if you were to look at a pic of a tumor on horses.i am in NY.it wasnt there when the vet came in did her shots it just grow over night.
A: It very well could be a tumor. You should keep an eye on her and keep a vet updated. It could also be.... scared tissue, fatty mass, some sort of bug bite, but since she is so old it most likely is a tumor or fatty mass.... if that is the worst case. Don't worry too much though.
Bumps on my mini horse?
Q: I live in Southern california and recently I have noticed that my 4 year old miniature pony has bumps along the top of his neck just below the mane line and a few on his chest and the insides of his legs and a few on his shoulders. He has none of this "bumpiness" on his tummy or hind quarters or hind legs. What could this be? The bumps feel lumpy and they appear to be under the skin but are clearly visable even through his hair
A: Hi there... in all honesty, it would be quite difficult to determine the diagnosis without physically examining your horse. Please consider at least ringing your veterinarian and they can determine if your horse needs to be evaluated and treated respectively.

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