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Is it normal for the face to swell because of a tooth ache

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A:It may be normal if your toothache is caused by an abscess. An abscess is an infection so please see a doctor or dentist. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-for-the-face-to-swell-because-of-a-tooth-ache ]
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Is it normal for the face to swell because of a tooth ache
It may be normal if your toothache is caused by an abscess. An abscess is an infection so please see a doctor or dentist. ChaCha!

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tooth ache after tooth cleaned out/perm filled?
Q: ok, so, i posted here last week about a abcessed tooth. Let me quote "Ok, it all started when my tooth had decay inside it and hurt extremely due to cold temperatures, pressure and naturally aching. I went to the dentist, he cleaned out all the decay and did a root canal, put a temp filling in. The tooth still ached early after the procedure but the pain to cold temp went away. A week or two after, the tooth started to hurt when pressure was applied to it. A week after that the filling came out and the pain started up again...ish. A few days after the filling was removed (my next appointment was about 2-3 weeks away) my cheek swelled up over night. Called the dentist and he had me come in and he cleaned out the tooth and put some medicine (i think) in the tooth and put another temp filling in. As for the current swelling, he prescribed me Amoxicillin. This morning i wake up, the swelling has almost doubled and is closer to my eye which i can feel bring pushed up from my eyelids, ive been taking 1200 mg of Ibuprohpen every 6 hours.So, my tooth still aches when pressure is on it, and half my face is swelled up like a blowfish."NOW, the next day i went to the dentist and he had the abcessed drained, and i was put on 2 stronger Antibiotics and a pain killer. A day or 2 later i recovered back to normal ish. So today (totally normal, no pain) i whent to the dentist so he could put a permanent filling in my tooth since i had a temp in. He did that and i drove home and am writing this because the numbness whent away and im having a very similar pain to what i had before the root canal. I just took a pain killer, is this pain normal? The pain just happens on its own and when i try to wiggle the tooth / apply pressure to it(it doesnt wiggle but if i push on it it aches) . any input would be great.thanks again
A: SOmetimes it needs time to just settle down, give it 2 days and if no sing of pain going away, go back to the dentist, the treatment must be redone
Q: About 6 months ago, I had a root canal on my #3 molar.Ever since, it was hurting whenever I tried to bite something hard with that tooth but didn't seek for more treatment because my dentist said it could take longer to heal.Last week, I started having this dull ache on the tooth and few days later my face started getting swollen. I went to see my dentist and he said it was infected because he must've missed a canal.My question starts here...He cut through the gum and removed pus inside and put a rubber like stuff in there.When I asked what it was, he said it was to kill the nerves he missed from a canal and nothing else needed to be done.I can't understand how he can clean up a canal through the side of gum.Does this sound normal?thank you so much for the answer.I can't believe he didn't explain this to me.It's been couple of days and the infection cleared up. Does this mean my tooth is saved?
A: This was called an apicoectomy and the dentist goes right to the root tip to clean out the infection and seal the opening of the canal. This is usually a last ditch effort to try and save the tooth. If it does not resolve the problem, the tooth will probably have to be extracted. Good luck.
Post wisdom tooth extraction: Infection or Dry Socket?
Q: I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted almost 4 days ago. The night of the surgery i got very sick from the anesthesia and i threw up at least 3 or 4 times. I have really bad swelling in my left side of my face (the two teeth extracted from the lower and upper left side of my jaw were impacted) and relatively normal swelling on the right side. Since then, the swelling in the right side has decreased, and i am left with small yellow bruises. The swelling on my left side however, has not decreased, and my cheek feels hard, and full of fluid, it even makes fluid noises when pressed in certain spots. I have not smoked, or drank through a straw. I have been taking my toredol (excuse the spelling) at the correct times, and salt water rinsing as well as gently brushing my teeth. It has been over 3 days, the point at which swelling usually decresed. On the third day i started experiencing severe pain on the lower left side of my jaw where the tooth was extracted. I used clove oil, orajel, and took two Tylenol 1's and the pain subsided. I went to see my dentist as soon as i could that day, but due to the severe swelling i was unable to open my mouth wide enough for her to see if i had a dry socket or not. I have had a fever, and foul breath, which i just assumed was from being unable to properly brush my teeth, etc. When the dentist did not try to look into my mouth because it would not open, she prescribed me medicine for an infection (penicylin, again excuse the spelling). I have been taking the penicylin and toredol but nothing seems to help the pain. It is a throbbing, aching pain, very unpleasant. I am at a loss because i believe it might be a dry socket, and without the dentist even looking inside my mouth, i dont see how she could have diagnosed it as an infection. If anyone has any advice on what i should do in this situation, as i am still experiencing bad pain, i am unable to even sleep. If any one is able to help me differ between the two and find the real cause for pain that would be absolutely wonderful. Thanks.How will a doctor know better then a dentist? I saw my dentist less just a few hours short of 3 days after the surgery....and my doctor is on vacation anyway. I was already prescribed medicine, like i said, but as she was unable to see inside my mouth i was just HOPING that someone would be able to differentiate between infection and dry socket..........something that my doctor doesn't primarily know about, where as my dentist does.Thank you!......i was just worried about the dry socket due to me being sick after the anesthestia, throwing up i figured could have disloged my blood clot, i'm sticking to the penicylin, going to take every last one and if i'm still experiencing pain i will definetly go back and see my dentist when the swelling has subsided and i can open my mouth like a normal person.
A: get off ya and call your doctor.Hello, a dentist is a doctor!

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