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Is it dangerous to pop an abscess

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A:You can pop an abcess, but thay will not treat it. It is caused by bacteria in the body, so you need to cleanse the body first. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-dangerous-to-pop-an-abscess ]
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Is it dangerous to pop an abscess
You can pop an abcess, but thay will not treat it. It is caused by bacteria in the body, so you need to cleanse the body first.

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should I pop my abscess tooth?
Q: I have an abscess tooth. I went to the ER a few days ago and they gave me some antibiotics. The swelling has gone down, but now I have a huge bubble on my gums. Some people are telling me to pop it but others are saying if I pop it, the fluid could go to my heart and kill me. Which should I believe? i tried to do some research, but couldn't find anything. So, should I pop it or is it too dangerous?
A: If the abscess pops and drains it will not go into your heart and you will not die. Rest easy. However the tooth that is causing the abscess needs to be treated or removed . If not it will swell up again in several days and you will be back to the ER.
How can i bring my gum abscess to a head? ?
Q: so i have a huge abscess in my gum on the front top part of my mouth.. the abscess is directly under my left nostril and when i lift my lip up, i see the swelling but it has not come to a head. i have had this abscess for quite a long time and over the last week it has become progressively worse. i plan on calling my dentist tomorrow to make an appointment but i would sure like to pop it before hand to relieve this pressure. i have been taking antibiotics for about 4 days now. i know gum abscess' are very dangerous and the location of mine makes it even more of a problem. i am extremely scared i may die or something because it has gotten even bigger over night. to make it come to a head i have tried these following things..hot salt waterdry teabaggentle massageis there a possibility that it is too deep to come to a head?does it need to be at a head to pop it?the abscess is not directly above my tooth.. the gum above my tooth is flat and smooth but right above the smooth part is where it begins and it goes like under my nose please i am very scared if anyone has any kind of advice i would love to read it!!my dentist is the one who found it to begin with but this was awhile ago and i basically forgot i even had it until it began to rapidly grow this last week. she referred me to an endodontist and that's who i would be calling
A: Don't call the dentist tomorrow and don't pop it. He needs to see it the way it is. Call the dentist tonight and get the emergency number. Tell him your symptoms or leave it on his answering machine. He or his secretary can call you back in the morning and maybe make room for you-- or tell you to go to the emergency room. Don't diagnose yourself about stuff going on in your mouth. Get a professional to look at it.
tooth abscess burst 3 days into taking antibiotics?
Q: I had an abscess tooth that started hurting this past Friday and started to swell on Saturday. I got antibiotics this past Monday. Clindamycin. 2 tablets 3 times daily for 7 days. I have been on it for a little over 48 hours and my abscesses popped. I spit/rinsed most of it out however did swallow some. How severe is this situation? I have heard that since I have been on antibiotics, the fluid inside of the swelling isn't at dangerous if accidentally swallowed because the antibiotics have killed what is so harmful. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 1 to get the crown and filling out, get it rinsed and get it temporarily filled for 2 weeks to relieve the discomfort and wanted to know how dangerous it is to have swallowed a little of that fluid from the swelling if I was on antibiotics for 3 days before it burst.
A: Absolutely no danger at all from swallowing pus.Gross, yes, dangerous, no.some of the pus is dead bacteria, which, when you think about how many germs are out there, well...you have a ton of dead bacteria in your body, and your immune system kills some of them and your lymph system sweeps it away.another faction of the pus is your OWN white blood cells.patients are constantly talking about the "poison" from the abcess, and it's really "all natural" for what that's worth!rinse w/ a little warm salt water and you'll be fine.it usually takes about 48 hrs for the antibiotics to work anyway, and a draining abcess (ie, one that forms then bursts) is much less pain than if it were trapped in your jaw!

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