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Is abscess Tonsillitis contagious

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A:A peritonsillar abscess forms when tonsillitis spreads beyond the tonsils. A peritonsillar abscess is mildly contagious. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-abscess-tonsillitis-contagious ]
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Is abscess Tonsillitis contagious
A peritonsillar abscess forms when tonsillitis spreads beyond the tonsils . A peritonsillar abscess is mildly contagious. ChaCha!

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Is Quincy (throat abscess infection) contagious?
Q: My BF has just been diagnosed with Quincy and now my throat is like red raw, is it contagious? i do have a history of tonsillitis so it could be this rearing up again..hope not tho :(
A: Normally No. However if he has kissed you when he was having active infection, then it is possible. It is same as sucking pus from someone else. Sorry to say this.
Peritonsillar Abscess?
Q: In May, woke up with a sore throat looked down throat noticing tonsils swollen, bubbles and pus on tonsils. Went to ER, doctor told me she believes I may have Quinsy (Peritonsillar Abscess). Next day in alot of pain, went back to ER, had throat culture and blood test for GF. Bloods came back neg, throat swap all I was told was fungus was grown but it was not resistent to penicillin. She prescribed me Penicillin (25 tablets 500mg) for ten days to which I started immediately. Noticing the Pus was then falling off and the infection seem to be clearing up I was all happy once again able to swallow. 14 days later after I finish the course, I then notice it returns. This time I got to my GP who I tell this story to ONCE again and he once again does another throat culture has a spastic fit over the doctor only giving me a 25 tablet dose, prescribes me another round of penicillin (50 tablets-4 per day 500mg). Once again come the end of the treatement which i believe worked out the be once again almost 14 days I start showing signs again of the same thing. Soooo.... back off the GP (same doctor) explained same thing once again.. he does yet another throat culture this time prescribes Erythromicin. So I got off and take that for my 6 days course (I think) come the sunday of course my symptoms are gone. After sunday (last tablet) I notice my tonsil area once again becoming red and inflammed. No signs of any pus spots (hooray) but to my dismay, my left tonsil is still the one that is greatly enlarged. Thursday brings new light. Mouth still red raw, popping pills (was suppose to see doctor the wed but cos of receptionist stuff up, I am moved to saturday until I get a call cancelling saturday now moved to monday) my chest hurts. Friday night in agony all night very little sleep and notice pus nodules re-emerging (esp one spot to which I believe is where the abscess is but doctors apparently NEVER listen cos they're always right) get up saturday morning still can hardly talk, in complete agony from my chest and throat (extra pus nodules and bubbles devolped) so to hell with it go back to ER. They do ECG cos of the chest pain and its all clear so I sit and awake to be called. Go in, doctor listens to chest and heart etc (does NOT check glands nothing else) looks down my throat and goes ohh yes pus we're going to put you onto Roxithromycin (pretty much same area as Rulide- added drug than Eryc) and onto prednislone. I have to go back in 3 days if it doesn't seem to get any better, I do have a doc app on monday to which I can talk to GP about it all. I am wondering if anyone else has had same experience or if someone who has any capable medical background could possible answer this. If you're gonna sit there and say (GO TO THE ER) well I already have and there is nothing else they will actually do. All I can ask for next is ENT and tonsillectomy.Any input would be much appreciated. I am currently on Roxithromicyn (150mg 2 daily for 5 days) and Prednislone (25mg 2 daily for 5 days) I also was prescribed Panadeine Forte for pain relief.The pain is literally unbareable and I am sick of seeing ppl who don't seem to look any further into it. I don't know if a throat swab can detect an abscess, but I sure as hell wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy cos my heard kills my chest kills and it makes you so ill and light headed.Also, is it contagious, my 5 yr old has a adenotonsillectomy in 3 weeks and if chances are he could catch the tonsillitis off me, I wanna get him onto something str8 away.ThanksDeffy been classified as bacterial hence antibiotics. My belief is because it always starts in the one spot being that the top left side of my left tonsil that it's possibly where the abscess is to which continues to spread the pus, but I will request another blood test. My last one came back fine apart from the normal white cell count which was within reason for an infection of it's nature
A: the infection if bacterial in nature, is resistent to the antibiotics. maybe the dr should do some blood tests.They should re test you for mono (viral infection) Tonisllitis is the medical term for red tonsils due to a bacterial or viral infection. so your child would prolly catch the bug thats causing ur tonsils to be red.Ur tonsils need to come out too.

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