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How long does the pain last with gallbladder surgery

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I don't see a length of time for the pain after gallbladder surgery, and it depends on why you need the surgery, but the pain afterwards is usually less than whatever problem forced the person to need surgery. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-the-pain-last-with-gallbladder-surgery ]
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How long does the pain last with gallbladder surgery
I don't see a length of time for the pain after gallbladder surgery, and it depends on why you need the surgery, but the pain afterwards is usually less than whatever problem forced the person to need surgery.
How Long Does The Pain Last After Gallbladder Surgery??
When I had the laproscopic procedure done, I was back up and working within about 3 weeks. I had intermittent pain for about 6 months, though. No symptoms of any infection, and the doc said all was well. Everybody heals differently, so I wo...
How long should pain from gallbladder surgery last??
Most people experience gas pain following surgery. Some people have a lot of pain. Walking around or doing other kinds of light activity can often relieve this. Your pain medicine will not relieve gas pain. Chewing gum can also help with ga...

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I am getting gallbladder surgery on June 19, 2006. How long does the pain last? I'm having laproscopy surgery.
Q: I'm scared since the doctor said that they might have to do open surgery if there was too much scar tissue from a previous surgery (ectopic) or if they were unable to see while doing laprocopic surgery. Can anyone tell me if they have had this surgery and was suppose to get laproscopic surgery and then ended up with open surgery and why they had to have open? Thanks so much.
A: i had lap. for gallbladder in feb. plan on a week . use an ice pack at bedtime, wow what a help. it is required to let you know they may need to go open with your surgery, they do not want to wake you up to get permission. i am a nurse, and a big baby with pain, the ice at ten min. an hour was really great help. was doing all but lifting in a week.
I really need to have my gallbladder removed soon, I'm in a lot of pain, but college is a problem?
Q: I'm 19 and have gallstones. I've been having really horrible attacks since last year, but recently found out that it was my gallbladder. My attacks are extremely painful and last about 12 hours and I absolutely need to go to the ER and get pain and nausea meds when they occur. I don't feel well afterwords for several days. Lately, I haven't been feeling all too well normally, either. Now I get attacks about every month.I need to have my gallbladder removed and they almost gave me emergency surgery last time. I am a college student and I can't miss very many classes and I don't have vacation until winter. I will be miserable and miss a couple classes from going to the ER if I don't get the surgery yet, but I don't know if getting the surgery would be worse. I also need to be able to climb up 4 flights of stairs to my dorm room several times a day and be able to carry heavy books around campus with me. I have a lot of walking from class to class, also, about 6 miles per day.So, my questions are, especially directed to people who have had laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Do you think I should have surgery now or wait until December? How long does it take after keyhole surgery to be able to return to physical activity (climbing up stairs and carrying stuff)? Any other advice is much appreciated, although I do need to have it taken out- other approaches are not really an option.
A: I had mine removed two weeks ago. I had 2 attacks before, but never knew what it was. When I was diagnosed, they wanted to do an emergency operation. I was in shock, the pain had passed so I told them I would follow-up in the morning. I immediately started looking for natural remedies. PLEASE do this, I did not have another attack and actually had LESS stones by the time I had my surgery. Go to GNC and buy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I prefer the brand called Bragg. Its only $3.50 for a bottle. I started drinking 2 tbls mixed with 8oz of apple juice 3 times a day before each meal. I also recommended this to a co-workers husband who REFUSES to go to doctor and he has not had an attack in 2 months!They won't go away, so do go through with the surgery. Those attacks are SO hard on your entire body, I am sure you know by looking at your liver panel results (mine were WAY high after an attack). The thing is and people will argue this, you don't really need your GB and the fact that it can do SO much damage to organs you DO need (liver, pancreas), just get it out of there!
I Have To Have Gallbladder Surgery And Am Scared To Death
Q: I've heard that they do a breathing tube, but are you awake when they take it in or out? What about a catheter, do they normally put one in?How bad is the pain afterwords, even with painkillers? How long are you normally stuck in the hospital afterwards?Last week when I ended up in the ER they said that I have a UTI, how can I get rid of it quickly before surgery? What kind of diet should I follow after surgery?This is my first surgery ever (22 years old) and am scared out of my mind. I will likely be having it next Thursday.
A: Ok honey you need to take a deep breath. Surgery is scary, especially your first one. I'm 23 and I had back surgery 1 month ago. Let me help you with some of the answers.First of all, you are going to be absolutely fine. They will take care of you. They will help you manage your pain and your fears. Let's start with the UTI. You need to get on antibiotics ASAP. My UTI almost got my surgery canceled. So start antibiotics today. They will put a breathing tube in. They do this because the medicine they give you, anesthesia, paralyzes you so you need the tube to breathe. They put the tube in after you are asleep, so you won't remember it. They will take it out when you're waking up, but again you won't remember it most likely. Your throat might hurt a little after they take it out, but eating ice chips will help with that. The pain from the breathing tube is no worse than a throat ache during a cold. Most likely they won't put a catheter in, but if they do it is not that bad. It doesn't really hurt and it won't be in for very long. The pain after wards is usually not bad. Now that they do it endoscopically the pain really isn't too bad, the painkillers will manage the pain. You can talk to your doctor about your pain and they will make sure you can manage the pain before they let you go home.You will most likely go home the same day you have the surgery. This is really determined by you. So you will not go home until your pain is being managed and you are able to walk and go to the bathroom. They will keep you until they are sure you are able to take care of yourself.I will be honest with you that the only potential complication you face is that you haven't had anesthesia before and so they don't know how your body will react. They will ask about family history, so you should check with your mom and dad and any siblings about whether or not they've had anesthesia and any complications they've had. Since you are young and healthy you will most likely have no problems at all. If you smoke you need to stop before your surgery as this will affect both your reaction to anesthesia and your recovery.I wish you the very best. You are going to do absolutely fine and you will feel so much better with this gall bladder out. My thoughts are with you. If you have any other questions that I can help you with please contact me.

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