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How long do abscesses last

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A:Abscesses can potentially last forever if not treated properly. If the root of the abscesses is not removed then they can grow back. chacha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-abscesses-last ]
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If you take antibiotics it will clear up the infection which will make the pain go away but it will come back and it will hurt like hell. The only way to make it go away and not come back is to have the tooth extracted or have a root canal ...
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Abscesses can potentially last forever if not treated properly. If the root of the abscesses is not removed then they can grow back. chacha!

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How long does swelling usually last after having a dental absscess worked on?
Q: I had a root canal and did not get antibiotics afterward, did this cause the abscess that I had a few days later?I had the abscess drained, have a tube in it to let it continue to do so, I'm on Amoxiscillin, and Percoset for pain (good stuff lol). I thought that after it was opened, the swelling would subside but its 24 hours later and the swelling in my face is still there...not much pain, more discomfort now, but still so swollen. I see the dentist again on monday but I'm just wondering what's sorta typical.I also have chlorhexidine mouth rinse stuff, prescribed by the oral surgeon...the root canal and abscess have been worked on...just wondering when the swelling might subside and healing might begin.I know everyone is different but my nerves are raw over this LOL I'm just sick of dealing with it and need something to look forward to ya know? Thanks for the answers guys!Ok, I already know its infected...that's not the question folks. The question is how long does it take for the swelling to subside.
A: I would say your root canal is infected. Get some corsodyl mouthwash, and use it twice a day.
How long does it take a hoof abscess to pop?
Q: My horse was lame last Tuesday and the vet came out Wednesday to look at it. She said it was an abscess, but she couldn't find it to pop it. She said to soak with Epsom salt and wrap with animalintex, which I have been doing. The vet said it would probably pop out of his coronary band. How long is going to take to pop? It's already been 6 days.
A: It really depends on the individual horse and where the abscess is located. I have one horse that pops them out in under a week, and another that once took almost a month before his surfaced. Generally when they travel up to coronary band, it can take a little longer. I've found the average is 2 weeks.As an alternative to soaking with Epsom salts (or in addition), you may want to try Magna-Paste. This is a drawing salve with epsom salts in it. Cover the soles of the feet with the paste, then cover with animal-intex poultice pads, and wrap in vet-wrap or duct tape. I've also used a combo of Icthamol and Epsom Drawing Salve when I couldn't get Magna-Paste, and that really helped sucked the moisture right out. Wear gloves if you use icthamol, though, as that stuff reeks and stains.
How long does it take paw abscess to clear.Dog had antibiotics for a week, swelling down but still red?
Q: Noticed my dog licking paw 15 days ago. Brought her to vet 2 dasy later. She was put on antibiotics for 5 days. I was told to keep an eye on it for 10 days & when I rang the vet was away so I have to go this evenin. I am a bit worried as on the first visit he said he hoped it was an abcess but if not it was a tumour and would be amputated... how can I tell ??? its still red but swellin is down a bit. The dog only licks after I have washed it (I have been washing it with salt & water). She doesnt have a limp & seems to be herself... she is such a pet I really dont want surgery unless its the last straw
A: Yo BertMost antibiotic regiments run at least ten to fourteen days !The swelling being down and her actually using that leg is both extremely encouraging signs of it getting much better and the problem being of the "infected" type that can be cleared up without radical medical action !!You still need to at least give the vet a follow-up call here and explain the current situation --- for some direct councilling on this !!Good luck to--- the TWO of you in all of this !! Hope she gets to her "old self" right away !!

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