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How do you fix a small bladder

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A drug, such as oxybutinin may help the bladder to expand. Surgery would be the next step, and one which should not be..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-fix-a-small-bladder ]
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How do you fix a small bladder
A drug, such as oxybutinin may help the bladder to expand. Surgery would be the next step, and one which should not be..MORE?

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Is there any way to improve "Bladder stamina?"?
Q: This may sound like a funny title to a question, but the idea is legit. I have what I perceive to be a small bladder....I do drink a fair amount of water during the day, but nothing that anyone would find as an extraordinary amount. However, I always find myself going to the bathroom. Now I've seen the "going problem" commercials, but those guys all look like 60+ with enlarged prostates. I'm 20.So back to the question. Is it possible to stretch the bladder or anything else?! Ridiculous I know, but I was thinking that maybe if I began to hold my urine for longer, that I could condition either my body to not think I have to go as badly, OR make a physical change internally.Any ideas would be a help! I'm not looking for a definite answer (but by all means if you have one, great!), but just some ideas about this or if you experience anything similar and how you deal(t) with it. This does not hinder my lifestyle at all, and if it never were fixed, it seriously would not make a single difference in my life... But I still would like to maybe know something more about it.Thank you.
A: You sound like you have frequent urination (medical term). They very first thing I would recommend is that you go to your doctor because needing to go a lot can be a sign of diabetes. This is very possible in someone your age although t is not the most likely reason. However - still go. I would suspect a urinary tract infection when an otherwise healthy person reports frequent urination. In general, when a patient reports frequent urination to a doctor, the doctor will want to rule out possible conditions that may be causing the problem.Most often and most likely *when and only when the others I have mentioned have been ruled out* frequent urination is associated with a condition called overactive bladder. After other causes have been ruled out, patients can get treatment for overactive bladder in a number of forms. Most people have probably seen ads for the medication Detrol, which helps reduce the “urge to go.” Another effective medication for frequent urination due to overactive bladder is Ditropan. Both medications are often first line treatments for this condition.I hope this helps - whatever you feel is the cause (a small bladder is very, very unlikely) you need to get the more serious things checked out first as they will cause you a problem if it is because of one of them.Good luck.
i need a NEW method to crate train my minpin?
Q: i have wrote a few questions regarding this. my one year old minin will not crate train. heres the details before you start saying the same suggestions (the ones i have already tried)he pees is kennel almost every night. but he HAS countless times held it for up to 9 hours at night so i think he doesnt "feel" like it as apposed to "cant"...1- he is on a "schedule" as far as potty before and after bed and water is taken away after his final walk.2- hes taken out SEVERAL times a day, which i think is the problem. i have been so busy trying to praise for potty outside and eliminate any room for potty inside that he thinks i will take him out every 2 hours. and now demands it.3- i have tried pee pads in the kennel to soak up mess and also in a "personal room" (laundry or bathroom but this doesnt work as he chews up the door and scratches and also cews up the carpet under the little metal carpet strips), even taping them to the floor. i dont like pee pads but when i was working more and he was soiling his kennel there was nothing else i could do. i resorted to taping them all over the floor so there was no more floor showing (it was smelling the apartment bc hed lift leg on wall and ithe pee would go under the tiles). 4- he EATS PEE PADS. he will destroy them to shreds either before or after using no matter how many there are or if i spray the edges with no chew spray but spray the center with the urine mimicking spray.5- he has been notorious for going on MY personal things: my clothing, my closet, in my dirty clothes basket, on the couch next to me, on my pillow next to me, and esp on the bed/bedding. he did it two days in a row just last week. this includes poop, also includes the fact that both times he had just went out and eliminated a TON not even and hour before,and oh yea when hes in the kennel he scratches and bops around so much that he tries to knock it over to get out.the kennel is also the appropriate size for him. just big enough "to stand turn and lay down"tell me this dog doesnt have it out for me.on occasion hell whine which is the indicator he JUST went all over himself as apposed to "mommy i need to go out"Yesterday i woke up and went to go wake him up to go out. we was asleep until when i was LITERALLY OPENING the door, he wakes up stands up and takes the biggest proudest pee ever. and jumped all over me of course.My day consists of giving him a bath, washing his cage for hours and walking him. i only work 2 days a week as everyones hours were cut. i dont neglect this dog in anyway. i let him lay with me and give him treats but only when i make him do commands. me him and the cat are always running around so hes getting his exercize.he is on a wait list to get fixed and then when i can afford it obedience classes are going to happen. before when i worked more i had the money and not the time. now its the opposite but its going to be budgeted.but the point as he has me wrapped. he acts like he cant hold it bc he doesnt want to. some minpin trainers say minpins have small bladders and can hold in only 4 hours. hes a runt at only 7 pounds (less than actually). but he has held it far more than that. furthermore i know people with smaller dogs that hold it at least through the night.he doesnt have any problems as far as the vet is concerned.whats his deal anyway??? please..
A: Doesn't sound like the dog is potty trained (or crate trained) Start over from the very beginning brand new pup beginning. Have fun! better invest in an egg timer!
I always wet the bed....? :( [[CRYING]]?
Q: I'm 13 but very mature. Okay so every night i wet the bed and some times i wet myself during the day. I have went to the doctors and they say my bladder is small. But today i was at the park with my boyfriend,step brother, real BROTHER and all my friends. Well i was wearing a goodnight and my brother pulled my pants down. It was the most embarrassing thing ever. Everyone laughed. Now i am home crying. How can i fix this? Well my Dr. said surgery might work. But i will have to wait like 4 months. So...What can i do to not wet the bed and pee my pants?& What do i say to everyone about the good night.?Thank you. :(
A: What you have is not uncommon. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who suffer from what you have. It can be embarrassing, especially if you have a jerk like your brother. You might want to get the surgery later on, but for now you might want to use other than what you are wearing. Instead of wearing your goodnights during daytime, you can opt to something like that look like panties or use pads with your underwear. Here are a bunch of site that you might find interesting. Walgreens has poised, you can try that while you wait for or look for incontinence panties. http://www.llmedico.com/n/lydia/http://www.llmedico.com/n/melissa/http://www.arizona.free-online.co.uk/kids.htmhttp://www.eversures.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=181http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?CATID=100275&id=prod3435830Now about your brother. Don't talk to him for awhile. Treat him like his invisible no matter what he does. And you can learn to laugh at yourself, it's not that bad. It's like other ailment except yours is with incontinence. If you learn to laugh at yourself, it won't be as embarrassing. How can they hurt you when you are okay with your problem, right.

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