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How do you fix a broken elbow

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Generally, a cast, metal plate, or screws alone. More serious injuries require surgery, piecing the elbow back together. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-fix-a-broken-elbow ]
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How do you fix a broken elbow
Generally, a cast, metal plate, or screws alone. More serious injuries require surgery, piecing the elbow back together. Thanks!
How to fix a broken elbow on a hot tub?
JB weld. It is ugly, but it might do the job. I would reccomend that you put in the right parts. If that broken filter causes your heater to go out, it could cost a whole lot more.

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How do you fix a frozen broken pipe that split into a 1" pvc elbow joint butting the concrete pool pad?
Q: I did cut-off the connection 1" to the joint but the split went into the elbow. Still leaked when I put it together. As anyone ever consider turning a 3/4" pipe about .01" to slip into the 1" pipe. I could saw off the 1" pipe right to the elbow joint and glue it together with a 3/4" adapter?
A: I would probably do as you suggest and take down a piece of 3/4 inch to fit inside the broken piece. It will cut down on the volume of water only slightly if the piece is short because the pressure will make the water speed up as it passes through the smaller pipe so return to 1 inch asap. Other wise it is going to require breaking away the concrete.Now, if only the elbow is cracked, it can be heated with a torch and removed from the pipe.
just wondering does anyone know how long you are kept in hospital after an operation?
Q: i was just wondering how long you are kept in hospital for after having an operation on the arm to fix a broken bone?? and how long does it take to heel?? its a spiral brake above the elbow? thanks
A: Well...depends on the seriousness of the op to be honest. I had an op on my broken/dislocated ankle in april, was a 5 hour op to put in a plate, 2 long screws, and 5 pins, and that was thursday afternoon, and I went home on friday. Still felt really sick for another day or two afterwards, but that was from the aneasthetic. You should be good to go home after a day, two at the most i would have thought after a broken arm.Again, healing time is all to do with how badly it was broken. A spiral break can be quite bad, but generally about 6-8 weeks in the cast, then a few weeks after the cast is off, and a bit of physiotherapy to get it back to normal. You may have a few problems with it afterwards, at the break site, but arms generally are easier to heal than legs, as they dont bear weight. In the meantime eat healthily, reduce fatty foods, have lots of veggies, fruit and calcium. If your a smoker, cut down/quit as this can double the time which the bone takes to heal. Good luck!
my husband fell at work because of a machine that malfunctioned, we want to sue what will the settlement be?
Q: my husband is a carpenter, he was working on a bridge that is 60 feet in the air. He was in a man lift and was booming up he stopped the lift but the lift kept booming up next thing he knew the lift was going over. all he could do was crouch down and ride it out. After investigating they found that the safety alarm was not working, these man lifts are made to shut down if the ground they are on is uneven ground. My husband sustained many injuries very lucky to be a live the doctors said he broke his pelvis, broke his arm in two places, shattered his elbow 5 hour surgery to fix the elbow, and a broken nose along with many deep cuts and rope burn from a rope that went around his arm leaving him with a scar from his wrist up to his bicep. My question is .....this was a job for New York state the lift was the companies the NYS labor laws prohibits suing your employer we are suing NYS and the manufacture of the man lift how will our lawyers come up with a dollar amount and what would you guess that amount would be. The doctors are not sure yet the long term effects of the injuries yet. They did say there is a possibility that he wont have full function of his arm ever again, My husband and i are told by people that we will get a very good settlement , a large amount of money , is this true?We are not going into this with the thought that we will be maga rich...My husband almost lost his life and our children their father. I don't work when we started our family i left my teaching postion to stay home with our kids. The money is really tight right know even with the work-mens comp. My husbands wages are the only source of income. However we are lucky to have all of the medical bills paid 100 % through WMC , union Ins. and we are N.American our tribe picks up anything the other two don't ...so I just want to let you know we are not greedy people we are just courious of what the outcome in this may be. thank you for the get well wishes God Bless and thank you for your time. to answer my question
A: The amount of compensation received depends upon how serious your injuries are and what other losses you have incurred, including: * Loss of earnings, including overtime and bonuses * Travel to and from medical appointments * Any medication * Care given by members of your family or others * Damage caused to any of your personal effectsBest of luck though. Very lucky man to be alive!

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