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How do you cure an abscess at home

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A:If the abscess is small (less than 1 cm), applying warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes 4 times daily can help. MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-cure-an-abscess-at-home ]
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How do you cure an abscess at home
If the abscess is small (less than 1 cm), applying warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes 4 times daily can help. MORE

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Is suing my dentist the answer?
Q: When I was a child, I was forced to wear braces. That's fine, as I see no problem with my parents wanting beautiful teeth for me when I get older. Well, now I'm older. Once my braces were removed two years after getting them, I was required to wear a retainer for pretty much the rest of my life. A year later after a military move, I'd lost my retainer and eventually gave up in general on it. About another year later, all of my teeth shifted (not that noticeably) and through that I needed 9 fillings due to the enamel that wore between my teeth. (from the shifting, of course) Now to the fun part. Allow me to say this with the hopes that a dentist trips over this question, because my respect for your field of work is so small it's almost a joking matter. The dentist that performed the fillings, through the whole operation, was a complete moron. Through the midst of blood and metal he found it in his best interest to continue small-talk and gossip with the dental assistants. Why he had two of them? They were younger women, as he was a younger man. He continued to make drug reference jokes, and continued to talk about his engagements after work all the while drilling through my teeth. After all of my fillings were complete, and I paid such a hefty fine that I could gag at the thought of it, I went home. Four months later I started receiving intense throbbing and stabbing pain in one of the teeth that he had worked on. (By this time, "Doctor Long" had already moved to another practice so seeing the dentist that ruined my life is impossible at this point) I went to the same family dental institute, to which they had no idea what was wrong and decided upon diagnosing it as, "the fillings that were used are severe heat and cold conductors". After a twenty minute argument, I went home with a bottle of wannabe aspirin and the idea that I shouldn't drink cold drinks, nor eat hot foods. A month later, it continued. A gum boil appeared above the tooth that was giving me problems, and finally they understood that it wasn't just a temperature problem. "Oh, you have a gum boil it's no big problem. Your options are to have the tooth removed, or get a root canal after taking antibiotics." I chose root canal, and with doing so I ended up taking clindamyacin for a course longer than six months. (I'm now currently still on clindamyacin) After the first month, they assumed the infection went away and began the surgery on the tooth. "Oh, shit." (My new dentist) It seems my tooth bled out during the operation, and they cannot continue the operation as I still have the infection. (This happened six times, at the end of every month until current time) I went in, "sorry still have the infection" and would be prescribed clindamyacin.. again. Eventually after the last time I went in my previous dentist (whom of which has also left the practice due to 'retirement') seemed to have a personal problem with Dr. Long. Dr. Long is the dentist that first did my 9 fillings. Through that, he decided to tell me, upon me asking, that my tooth became abscessed from a filling that went wrong. Cool. So you mean to tell me the dentist that spent two hours talking about how to dissolve percocet the fastest, and what dinner he would be having tonight had ruined my filling? Yes. Well, I thought nothing of it, as I had high respect for dentists for the fact that their job requires them to make decisions that could generally be a 50/50 chance and they take full responsibility for it. Until this now. The final time I entered the chair, and the final time they attempted to finish my root canal.. they decided to put another temporary cap over the hole. (Yes, you've guessed it. They couldn't complete the operation due to the infection) The clindamyacin had finally cured my infection, and I called the office to schedule a new appointment. I had to call and schedule a new one as my current dentist was leaving for retirement and that was the last day I would see him. Well, the due date was ridiculously far away (3 months) and they figured that temporary filling I had over my root canal hole would definitely hold until then. Wrong. One month after the call, my filling had impacted inside the root canal hole, and decided to rest ALL the way inside the hole. I had figured it fell out, as I could stick my tongue through my tooth hole pretty much. I didn't assume it went inside my tooth since I didn't feel any pain at first. Three days after that happened, which makes that day last saturday, my tooth went psychotic. It hurt worse than both car crashes, and anything else I've ever been through. My gum boil didn't come back, but my tooth became so excruciating to the point where I decided to play doctor myself. I heated a needle, and pushed it through my root canal hole in an attempt to deaden any nerves that weren't deadened the first time around. Stupid idea, but it led to a glorious answer. Parts of my old filling fell out, and that smell came back. That abscessed too
A: Oh geez. What a horrible, horrible story. I can certainly understand why you'd want to sue. I cannot guide you there, but at a minimum would suggest you write a letter to complain about him to your state's dental board. If you do, try to take the emotion out, and leave just the facts - there are plenty of them. Even if you sue and win, it won't take away this pain you've had. If there is a hell, maybe he can land there with a severe toothache. Please talk to an attorney to get some further guidance.

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