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How do u know if u have an abscessed tooth

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A:The main symptom is a severe toothache. The pain is continuous and may be described as gnawing, sharp, shooting, or throbbing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-u-know-if-u-have-an-abscessed-tooth ]
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How do u know if u have an abscessed tooth
The main symptom is a severe toothache. The pain is continuous and may be described as gnawing, sharp, shooting, or throbbing.
How do you know you have a abscessed tooth??
An absess is a pocket of infection. The area swells up, feels hot, and is very painful.
What You Should Know About Abscess And Tooth Pain?
As stated before, if the pain is continuous and you describe it as being a gnawing, sharp, shooting or throbbing pain it’s a high probability that you have an abscessed tooth.

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Tooth Abscess..how much time do i have to get it treated.?
Q: My 2nd molar broke almost a yr ago..recently it has been giving me problems as far as pain goes. So when i woke up today i find what looks to be an abscess on the side of my tooth. Now i know these things are serious and the earliest that i am able to go to the dentist is thursday due to the fact that have to work and i cant get out of it. My question is i've heard that an abscess can cause disfigurement and even death..How long does it take for this to happen. Are those just worst case scenarios if u ewait like months to get it treated. I'm really worried because it appeared while i was sleeping and im afraid that when i sleep it will get alot worse and i might die or something or the infection will spread to my heart...So once again will it be okay to wait 4 days?
A: No. I'm sorry, but waiting four days will not be okay at all. Death in that time is unlikely, but you will find yourself in severe pain, and the procedure you will need to fix the problem will become much more painful and complex. Also, infection in the mouth is like infection anywhere else - if you leave if untreated and let it fester, not only will the abscess on that tooth get much worse, the infection will spread and deepen - your gum, other teeth, or even jawbone could become infected. If that were to happen, you would need much more extensive dental work and possibly even surgery. Trust me - it won't be good. Honestly, as I'm sure you realize, you should have dealt with the broken tooth when it happened a year ago. Broken teeth literally leave access to the deeper jaw, and the little crevice becomes a positive breeding ground for bacteria and possible infection. Its virtually impossible to keep a broken tooth free from problems. You need to see a dentist immediately - call as soon as they open and schedule an appointment for that morning, they will put you in immediately as yours is a dental emergency. Call work and tell them its a medical emergency, because it is. You'll need serious dental work - they will pull the tooth, drain the abscess, and prescribe you a hefty antibiotic and probably a pain killer. If you haven't been to the dentist regularly - which, if you've left a broken tooth in your mouth a year, I'm guessing you might not have been - you may need other work done as well. Filling cavities, root canals, etc. are all sometimes painful, but they are far less painful than pulling an infected tooth. I suggest taking the better road. Ask your dentist to do a full exam while you are in; best to get it all out of the way, and avoid further problems like this one. Unfortunately, you'll probably miss the rest of the day of work. The dentist will definitely numb the area, but they might also administer laughing gas to put you a little out of it while they pull the tooth, since it will not be pleasant. This, combined with the pain, discomfort, and swelling you'll experience afterward will likely keep you from work for the day. I know missing your job is stressful, but its a health risk - and a high one at that, with this problem. You need to get seen right away. In the future: dentist every six months, regular brushing and flossing, and keep an eye on problem areas! Dental heath is as important as everything else. I don't mean to lecture - but you need to take care of yourself.
If you were preg, & prescribed pain meds prior to pregnancy, & u were in pain and hubby slipped the u pills?
Q: I have been prescribed Norco (its similar to vicodin) for pain in teeth from gum disease, abscess, cavity, and lots of pain. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking the Norco, my doctor said that I could use the Norco if the pain got really bad. I have been in a lot of pain the past few days, I have an appointment at the dentists tomorrow, because now I am in my 2nd trimester. Any how I have been complaining about the pain, and having a hard time eating, drinking and sleeping, so my husband brought me what he said was a powdered vitamin, supplement, immune booster that we both take when we arent feeling great. After I took it, my husband told me that he had crushed up the Norco and slipped it to me. I know that he did it because he didnt want me to be in pain, and the doc said it was ok for me to take if the pain was really bad, The doctors actually said that taking the Norco when I was in severe pain is better for my unborn child then to be in pain and causing stress on my baby. I just didnt have the heart to take it myself, even though I really should have. So my question is for women how would you all feel about this? For men, would you ever do this?
A: You are pregant and your partner knowingly slipped you drugs that you were deliberately not taking? I don't care how harmless the drugs are for the baby he should NEVER do that. I would feel VERY concerned and angry if my partner did that. Talk to him and tell him it's not on, because it isn't.
Gum boil on healthy gum?
Q: i went to the Dentist just 3 months ago and know this tooth (and no teeth NEAR it) is not decayed, been decaying, filled or anything like that. can i develop an abscess n 3 months?Its between my upper left canine and incisor. I just noticed it this morning as i woke up, like instantly. It is not painful but its annoying. Wen i brushed my teeth a good bit of blood came from that area.I did floss yesterday, and i sort of went up too far into the gum with the floss :|... i usually do that though and this doesn't happen :/what should i do? if u insist that i have an abscessed cavity how much time do i have to see this dentist (i dont think i can afford to go this month)Further info.. ( in case a dentist pops in)Most of it is on the inside of my mouth wedged between tooth #10 and #11.i can push it around without pain. when i press it it flattens out a bit and when i suck it it swells up again. I has a metallic taste which is why i find it annoying, it isn't just a lump, i feel the difference between it and my regular gum.- i have read that if it is an abscess (liquifactive necrosis) it can be drained, how exactly does that stop anything? will it not continue to undergo necrosis after drainage?finally angled my cam right:http://i807.photobucket.com/albums/yy353/KissiQ/DSCF2001.jpg
A: It appears to be a gum problem that is causing the infection and inflammation. Possible it was injured from too vigorous flossing. Maybe there is something caught between the teeth (like a pop corn shell). Or maybe there is some tartar under the gums. I would gently floss and brush the area along with rinsing with warm salt water every couple of hours. If it has not returned to normal in 7 - 10 days, then you need to have a dentist take a look. Good luck.

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