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How can you have an abscess in your head

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A:Brain abscesses occur when bacteria or fungi infect part of the brain. Swelling & irritation develops in response. Infected brain cells, white blood cells, & fungi collect in an area of the brain. A membrane forms around this area and creates a mass. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-have-an-abscess-in-your-head ]
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How can i bring my gum abscess to a head?
Don't call the dentist tomorrow and don't pop it. He needs to see it the way it is. Call the dentist tonight and get the emergency number. Tell him your symptoms or leave it on his answering machine. He or his secretary can call you back in...
How to get a skin abscess to come to a head?
My mom always used fatback (I think the salt content helped). I saw her use it and I know it worked. It usually worked overnight. But it will kinda irritate the surrounding skin. However all that nasty pus will drain out. Source(s): MY MAMA...
Is it ok to give head whilst you have a abscess in your mouth??
You know, this really isn't an appropriate question to ask in yahoo, or on any other area that children might and do have an opportunity to read. I strongly oppose pornography or any other illicit site that children may see or read, and thi...

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how can i tell the difference between an abscess and a bad infection?
Q: I have another thread but this is whats wrong. The right side of my neck is swollen and I can't move it down. I've been having headaches in 2 specific spots- above my ear and in the back of my head. My head hurts a lot when I'm sleeping on it (ive been sleeping on my back). I've actually woken up a few times because of the pain. I've got swollen lymph nodes on the same side of my neck that has swelling. There is a lump on my jawbone too. I've also had ear popping and ringing. And also, you know the feeling you get in your ear when you yawn? I don't know how to describe it other than that, but that also happens to my ear.please tell me if there is a way to tell the difference? Sure signs?
A: See a doctor immediately or go to the ER.
sinus surgery patients only?
Q: I think I'm having major sinus issues. I wake up with a headache, keep one all day, and to make matters worse I cant sleep at all, I dont even hit my REM. My tonsils are gone, so thats ruled out as an underlying cause.I was wondering how your doctor/ENT went about diagnosing you with the need for sinus surgery. Ive had two CT scans (about a year ago) and they said nothing showed. Had a nasoscopy (tube up your nose) and they said nothing. Went to a new ENT, and he said I had chronic sinusitis abscess, just from looking at me. Tried a week of a Z-pack (lasted for two weeks). Felt a little something, but not much improvement. Are there any other methods to find a sinus problem? If not, is there any harm in trying the balloon method for drainage?I swear I feel like i got hit the head with a brick. I can barely keep my eyes open because they are light sensitive. I appreciate any words of wisdom.
A: I have always had chronic sinus infections just like you. Same story..CAT scans and all but nothing ever showed up. Sometimes I wish the doctors would just go ahead and do the surgery anyways and let me live in good health! I have recently been using Dr. Neil's sinus rinse every morning. It helps some but does not eliminate the problem. Go ahead and give it a try though. You never know.. what didn't work for me may work great for you. Good luck!
Has anyone else been pretty traumatized by their bad birth experience?? Long story!?
Q: Don't get me wrong, I love my son and would do it all over again for him...But.. I feel jipped and traumatized.I had back-labor, meaning he was face up.. I really did not want an epidural - as I knew there were risks to having one.. but once I'd gone through 24 hours of labor and they started pitocin because I really wasn't progressing and my water had broken after about 12 hours -- I could not deal with the pain any longer and opted for an epidural.Had I known that my epidural wasn't going to work, I never would have gotten one -- because once I laid down during back labor mixed with pitocin-strength contractions.. I could not cope with that pain. (Back labor is MUCH WORSE when you lay on your back!)Well.. my first epidural didn't work for more than 20 minutes at a time.. It took them 5 tries and about 8 hours to finally fix it. They kept re-injecting the epidural into my IV and FINALLY the anesthesiologist actually came back and re-performed the epidural (while I was in transition). This was only after I'd already gone through the worst pain of my life (worse than abscessed teeth, dry sockets, broken ribs, migraines) in one of the worst positions possible to do it in. The epidural had a kink in it apparently.As if that weren't enough, shortly before they fixed my epidural my blood pressure skyrocketed and so they had to start magnesium sulfate which made me feel like even worse crap than I already did. Then my temperature rose to 103 and so they started IV antibiotics as well. The doctor and midwife decided very calmly (luckily) that a c-section was not necessary just yet. Although -- I hadn't even SEEN the doctor or midwife during this entire ordeal until my blood pressure spiked. Instead I dealt with the delivery nurses the entire time. Luckily my actual delivery was fairly uneventful. Although I did feel like I waited too long for the nurse and midwife to come in when I was ready to push.. For some reason several nurses helped me push - I really wish only one nurse had coached me.. And I did tear a bit and had to have stitches, but that wasn't so bad..AFTER my delivery was misery, though. My son had a fever and had aspirated meconium and had trouble breathing. His blood sugar was low, as well (no doubt because I had not EATEN in a very long time).I didn't get to hold him or nurse him because they whisked him off shortly after he was born. I didn't get to see him in the nursery for many hours - how long, I am not entirely sure because I was so out of it at this point.Then I spent 3 miserable days as a patient in the hospital where they kept forgetting to change my sheets and my son spent 8 days (I never left him, so I was in the hospital for more like 10 days) - I won't even go into some of the incompetence in the nursery regarding breastfeeding and overheating my son.. I didn't get to actually hold my son til his 3rd day in the hospital. I cried every time I pumped my breasts to try to stimulate them -- since he could not nurse..My milk still hasn't come in quite right, and I'm trying to stimulate it as much as I can.I also think that I may have traumatized my parents and fiance a bit - some of the noises I made and all of the crying I did during my labor. I cried so much my eyes nearly swelled shut. My parents and fiance didn't know what to do. In the end -- everyone that says "well, if you're both alright now - what does it matter?"And we ARE both doing just fine now..But come on.. Am I just supposed to go through that and move on like absolutely nothing happened?I can't sleep sometimes because images of all of that re-play in my head.Hopefully this will just take some time to heal. If anyone has gone through something like that .. how long does it take for you to get past it?
A: First of all, I'm sorry you had such a crappy birth experience. I'm still amazed, two years later, at how negatively I view the birth of my daughter. While I was lucky that she didn't have the extended hospital stay (how hard that must've been), it was a long, painful labor with one intervention leading to another, leading to a C-section. I cried and cried the whole time I was in the hospital recovering, had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding and some really bad nurses, and almost no support from my family and husband because, frankly, they didn't know how to deal with me. I didn't know how to deal with myself. For me, I was really depressed for the first 3 or 4 weeks, but once we started to sort of find our groove as a family the sadness started to disappear. When I first met my new OB during this pregnancy and she asked if I experienced postpartum with my daughter experienced yes, because I thought that's what it was. But she said that that sort of reaction isn't really postpartum, but something I think she called adjustment disorder. It seemed to fit the situation better. Because the birth of your children is something you'll remember pretty vividly for the rest of your life, my guess is that you will always feel a little jipped. Even my 74 year old grandmother still says she feels cheated that she never got to experience the birth of a child; I guess back then when you had a difficult labor, which she always did due to medical issues, they just knocked you out cold. But like any traumatic experience it gets easier as time passes. There will be a day when you look back at his birth and know it was sad, but it won't overwhelm you. You will find perspective. I still look back and feel like i missed out on something that other women got to enjoy, but it doesn't have that same emotional impact. It took a while, a few months probably, but it got better. And if you need to talk about things and can't or don't want to talk to you husband/family, don't rule out some short term therapy. It was a traumatic experience for you, regardless of what other people might say, and it really may help you work through some of those lingering feelings. So congratulations on the birth of your son and becoming a mommy, and enjoy this first year. And remember that tough times like this are like bad gas- painful, but eventually it will pass and you'll feel better. :)

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