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Do you know what an abscess looks like

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A:Abscess is a tender mass surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red. The middle of an abscess is full of pus and debris. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-know-what-an-abscess-looks-like ]
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Do you know what an abscess looks like
Abscess is a tender mass surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red. The middle of an abscess is full of pus and debris.

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my hamster has some pus and what looks like maybe an abscess is bactrim ok to treat this?
Q: I cannot afford a vet right now so please don't suggest that. I do care about my hamster and that is why I am trying to find out a way to help her. Can I use bactrim to treat an abscess with pus in it. I am not sure if she has pus coming from her lady area but it looks like she might have a little. I am using peroxide, water, and neosporin but it doesn't seem to be helping a lot. I figure if I can treat it from the inside and outside that would be the best way to go about things. Also, do you know the approximate dosage a normal size hamster should have? Thanks for any help you can offer.
A: First off, since you don't know what organisms are growing in the abscess, you don't know if bactrim will kill them, or if it will kill competing organisms instead, allowing the infection to become worse.Second, without talking to a vet, you likely don't know if bactrim will kill your hamster, you almost certainly don't know the correct dose - neither do I. Is it 1mg/kg, or 2.2 mg/kg, or 6 mg/kg in a rodent? Even if bactrim won't kill a rodent, how much will mess him up?If you aren't having any luck with neosporin, try a liberal dose of honey in the wound, twice a day. No joke.
Gum Abscess is it Deadly?
Q: Alright, I'll start by saying I hate brushing my teeth and rarely do it., because of this I have a lot of cavities and one that needs to be pulled.However, recently, early this week I woke up with a bump above my right last two molars. Being a hypochondriac and knowing all about abscesses as I do, I figured abscess, and looked it up and figured gum abscess. Grandma said I probably just got food in it and swollen.However...Next day it got bigger, and the teeth KINDA hurt, not pain, but like a bit of tightness. So she scheduled the dentist...well...Being a hypo, I hate dentists, last time I was sedated I hallucinated, etc. I just wanted to go to find out what it was and if it was an abscess to pop it.They didn't, she took that colored laughing gas mask out, and was gonna force, so I was like "Goodbye." But I did find out it was probably from the wisdom teeth coming in.So I left without getting anything done but x-rays.Well now, 2 days later, it's gone down....NOW, I've been putting this stuff called pristine on it, a sort of toothpaste, but all natural. (Almond, spearmint, and peppermint oils are the ingredients.) Light ingredients, however it cleans the teach and it helps sore throats and stuff, and I always put it on to help my teath when they hurt and it works....WELL, 2 days later of putting that stuff on it, it's gone down. Did that stuff help dry it up, or did it drain in my sleep? There's no hole, and it didn't pop. However it's sagging, like when you have a balloon and it loses air over a few days, gets limp, saggy and smaller, that's what this is doing.If it wasn't the pristine, where'd it drain to? How'd it drain?I'm so scared of it going to my throat and obstructing the airway or blood poison....Do you think it did this?I keep looking at my neck thinking it's bigger, but it could just be my anxiety....Not exactly what I wanted to know. I mean, THIS PARTICULARY ONE, is it draining/healing up, if so where? Or did Pristine kill it? Or is it contemplating for something?Hello? Answers please!
A: that is what they called.. periodontal disease.. also known as.. "gum disease".... u really need to start using mouth wash and brush daily.. at least one in the morning and one at night.. wouldnt u want a nice soft breeze breath..?also to answer your question... i believe that without popping it.. it wouldof drained out by coming out of your gums... (where your teeth bleeds when u brush etc).... and since u put the meds there.. with the minty stuff.. it did some work but what u really need to do to improve it is to brush and rinse daily....
Cat with 104 temp for unknown reason?
Q: Ok, I took my cat in for a wellness check and she did seem a little less active and had litterbox issue a couple times. Her temp was 104 so they did a blood test and said she had an abscess but they dont know where. They put her on Clinisol 2x daily. I take her back 4 days later temp still 104. Vet looks over that blood test and said it didnt seem to be an infection because her levels were pretty normal. HCT was in borderline normal/high range and phosphate low. I take her back yesterday temp is STILL 104 so they keep her for they monitoring her temp and it was going up and down but staying in the 102-104 range. They run a CBC and I get results today and viral was negative. I bring her in this afternoon and her temp is still 104 2nd reading was slightly less...103.8.They still dont know why but they put her on Predisone every other day. Here is thing though.....they tell me to keep her confined in a cage and give bath every other day so shes not too active and hopefully temp will go down. How do you keep a cat in a kennel for several days? Its not like a dog where you have more control over taking them on walks to do their business cats are used to going whenever they want in their litterboxes. Eating and drinking is also hard to do in a crate nto having full access to water wont help in hydration part. (she is not dehydrated yet even tho she supposedly had a 104 temp for over week) I plan on keeping her confined to a room or two.I recently got another kitten too before taking this cat to vet...the changes of new kitten prob not helping either.I am going to another vet this week to see what they say.Anyone else ever have a cat with consistent high temp and dont know why?make sure what is more wet than dry?As far as air thats one reason I rather confine her to a room with open window and a fan running. She likes sleeping on the cablebox for some reason so gonna try keeping her off of that.Thank you for your information Lo Dit. The vet is using a rectal thermometer on the cat. Stress and weather could be factors since I got a new kitten shes not especially fond of and the weather is getting warmer. I do take her early in the morning tho before it gets hot out. They thought she did have an infection because of the reading but the blood tests werent that bad they put her on Clinsol anyway shes been on that for over a week and still the same. They kept her for several hours yesterday to monitor her temp and it fluctuated but stll was mostly 103-104. I had vet look over her temps from last yr when I brought her in for shots and spay and it was 102 last November when she had her spay. One vet seemed to think its her metabolism or activity possibly the other wants her confined and bathed till Monday.
A: I agree you should to to anther vet for a second opinion. Maybe you should get a thermometer and check you cat temp at home. There thermometers that check body temp by ear but I belive takiong it rectally is more accurate. "The normal range for a cat’s temprature is 100.5°-102.5°F (37.9°-39.2°C). A high temperature in a cat is above 102.5. You should be concerned if the temperature is 106.5 or above. Take your cat to a veterinarian immediately if you see a fever this high.On hot days or if a cat is stressed, it’s body temperature may reach 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Veterinarians are concerned when temperatures reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If your cat does have a cat fever of 104 or above, you should bring it to your veterinarian as soon as possible.Fever in cats can be normal and even a beneficial response to infection. The high temperature stops the growth of certain bacteria and can improve the effectiveness of the cat’s immune system. However, high fever above 105°-106°F (40.5°-41.1°C) for more than a day or two can lead to dehydration, loss of appetite, listlessness, and even brain damage in cats. It’s possible that they might have seizures if the temperature is extremely elevated." http://www.catfevertreatment.com/

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