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Do staph infections itch

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A:No, they typically do not itch. Symptoms include pain or swelling around a cut, boils or other skin abscesses, blistering, peeling [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-staph-infections-itch ]
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Does staph infection itch?
I have no medical background at all but have unfotunately had staph infection twice. I dont remember the first time as I was only three years old, however the second time it was extremely itchy. It was located on a finger due to a hangnail ...
Do staph infections or MRSA itch?
Not usually. If you have one, itching is usually a sign of healing, just like with any cut or scrape. keep it clean, get some antibiotics, and keep an eye on it.
Is a rash and itchy chest a symptom for staph infection?
Staphylococcal disease of the skin usually results in an abscess, boil, or furuncle. The affected area may be red and swollen

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Does staph infection itch...explain what it is in simple terms?
Q: How is it spread?Is it only contagious if it is an open blister/sore?
A: What is MRSA?Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a common type of staph bacterium which lives on the skin and in the nasal passages of around 30% of the population. Mostly, this staph aureus bacterium does no harm and does not pose a problem with infection or require a cure. But, like many bacterium, Staphylococcus aureus has the ability to pose a serious infection problem, if you are feeling run down, ill, injured or if you have undergone any form of surgery. It can cause a very serious staph infection, if it enters the body, such as through open wounds, or instruments placed in the body, or by cross-contamination from another patient, nursing staff or specialist. Without proper treatment, this can lead to death or be difficult to cure.MRSA infections are most commonly transmitted from person to person by touch. It is also possible to acquire MRSA infection from dust containing contaminated skin particles or from objects in the environment, or from surfaces that may be contaminated with the MRSA bacterium.An antibiotic called Methicillin was used for the treatment and cure of infections caused by staph bacterium. The term 'Methicillin resistant' means that this type of antibiotic can no longer kill 100% of the staph bacterium and another antibiotic needs to be used, if available. If Methicillin can no longer be used for the treatment and cure of Staphylococcus aureus infection, it is medically referred to as MRSA.The Causation of MRSAAntibiotics have been in use for many years as a successfull treatment and cure for staph infections. However, these antibiotics have been overused, misused and over prescribed as a cure for staph aureus infection for many years. It is fairly common for people to not complete a course of antibiotics, or not use as prescribed. If this happens, it is probable that not 100% of the bacterium that caused staph infection will have been killed. Surviving staph bacterium develop a resistance to this antibiotic and multiply. As more and more antibiotics are prescribed, the number of staph bacterium that are able to resist those antibiotics become more numerous. The biggest problem with the use of antibiotics, is that they are non-focused. Therefore, they do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria, otherwise known as 'Flora' which can be found in the large intestines and form a large part of the bodies immune system. Without this immune system protection, 'superbugs' are free to develop.Treatment of MRSAMRSA can be treated with different antibiotics to Methicillin. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Medications, such as antiseptic wash and certain ointments can be used to remove MRSA from the nasal passages and skin. Even when it is doing no harm to the individual. However, there is now a new product that has been proven to be effective in killing all MRSA bacterium and a lot of other known pathogens. The New Silver Solution is non-toxic, proven in multiple tests at 200 times the recommended dosage. The New Silver Solution is the first colloidal silver product to attain a new patent in over 80 years. This product can be used internally, externally and as a surfectant, to both prevent and cure MRSA infection. The New Silver Solution can also be used with animals and all our test data shows it to be very effective.http://www.mrsamedical.com/
Does staph infection itch?
Q: I was wondering, because I went to my friends and stayed the night with her and she has staph. She is taking medication for it, but me being stupid I slept in the same bed with her (just friends). Well, she said I could only get it if I touched it, so she wore pajama pants. And I don't think her mom would have let me stay and let her have a pool party if it wasn't safe. But I'm paranoid and afraid that I might have it. I got spots on my legs that itch. Now, they might be mosquito bites cause we were outside until 11. But I could have still got it from her, right? She told me it just really hurts.. Mine doesn't hurt, it itches really bad. If I scratch more, and scratch other ares will it spread (if it's staph) I stayed at her house 2 nights ago. So if I did have it, would it be like this already? She said it doesn't itch, but maybe it does before it gets bad? I dunno. I'm just paranoid.. Please help me D;
A: You should be fine. Staph would not itch, unless maybe during the time when it's healing.
Does mrsa/staph infection itch?
Q: Ive had a rash on my inner legs for about a week now. I dont have any boils just redening of the skin, almsost feels scratchy. I havnt had ay boils, pus that kinda stuff. I just wanna know if this is staph/mrsa?
A: mrsa from what I understand is very painful and is accompanied by fever. There are different types of staph though. usually it will be a small bump that is white in the center. If you just have a red rash, try hydrocortisone. If that doesnt work, see a dr.

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