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Did bruce lee ever do drugs

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Near Lee's death, a doctor administered the drug Manitol to reduce any swelling in Bruce Lee's brain before surgery. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-bruce-lee-ever-do-drugs ]
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Did bruce lee ever do drugs
Near Lee's death, a doctor administered the drug Manitol to reduce any swelling in Bruce Lee's brain before surgery. ChaCha on!
What was Bruce Lee's stand point on alcohol and drugs??
From what I know he was into health foods, and didn't smoke or drink, and recreational drugs was totally out of the question.

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I want muscles like bruce lee?
Q: What should I do to become as defined and as powerful as Bruce Lee without hindering my martial art skill and using any muscle enhancing drugs. I want to do it naturally. I also am trying to build speed and strength. What exercises should I do and how often should I do it. A schedule is welcome. Answers like "Bruce Lee is dead. Why would you want to be like him?" are not.P.Seven though I know its unlikely I will ever be as good as Bruce Lee I think its a good goal to set.
A: The first thing you need to understand is that genetics plays a part on how you look. Lee was genetically gifted, and unless you're similarly gifted, it will be hard, if not impossible, for you to achieve the same look that he had.The second thing you need to understand is that Lee's look depended less on what he had (muscles) and more on what he didn't have (body fat). There are smack addicts that resemble Lee's body more than professional fighters just because of their low body fat percentage.Lee ran four miles at an eight-minute pace. He also rode the stationary bike (35-40m/ph for 45-60 minutes), sometimes right after running. Modern combat athletes would consider that way too much long-distance cardio. He also did a lot of ab exercises, including sit-ups (bad by todays standards), leg lifts, and medicine ball work. He also lifted weights. His infamous back injury was actually caused by improper weight lifting.He also had a vegetarian diet, which likely contributed to his low body fat.However, instead of following a forty-year-old routine, I'd suggest looking at what modern athletes, such as boxers, wrestlers, and MMA fighters do. I don't know if you'll get the look you desire, but you'll be in much better fighting condition.
What ever happened to Heath Ledger?
Q: After hearing about his Oscar nomination (which he should win) I remembered I still don't know how/why he died.Everywhere theres talk of "perscription-drug overdose" but what does that mean exactly? Suicide? Drug abuse? Its like Bruce Lee's death...Fishy.
A: At first everyone thought it was a suicide. but it's not. He took his perscription drugs, but accisentally took to many, not knowing how many to take. so he accidentally killed himself, he didnt do this on purpose. i was gutted when i found out, i thought he was a great actor, and terribly good looking!!!
Was JFK right at least about one thing?
Q: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."Let's change the topic to something straight that we can all agree on. Legalization of marijuana is something that everyone can agree on.Maybe you support the war in Iraq, Maybe you don't.Maybe you support abortion, Maybe you don't.Maybe you go to church, Maybe you don't.Maybe you like guns, Maybe you don't.One thing we can all agree on regardless of what we think about our nation is that cannabis should be legalized.I am willing to have a serious and respectful conversation with anyone who feels marijuana should not be legalized. There is however 1 condition; your stance must not be predetermined. I will speak if you will listen, I will listen if you will speak.One thing I won't listen to is when you got some wealthy fella up on the internet talking about supporting the prohibition of marijuana and their mind it totally made up. They go off and claim we have no facts, when we do, while they do not state 1 fact themselves.What are my facts? I have learned some facts and I will share them with you if you will listen.* There are certain prescription drugs out there that can kill you. This is no real surprise, everybody knows this. The surprise is that these are drugs that were designed to fight forms of depression. Marijuana fights depression and no one has ever died by using it.* Which leads me to the next fact; the only way to die from marijuana is by taking it with vitamins and certain prescription drugs--they don't all like each other and that is how Bruce Lee died. How can alcohol kill you? Just drinking it can kill you, get behind a wheel when you are drunk and see what happens. * Which leads me to another fact; Alcohol impairs driving, but here is something you probably didn't know, especially if you haven't done any research: marijuana INCREASES MOTOR FUNCTION. I know you people out there think the exact opposite and you are dead wrong. This is why we get so ticked off at you whenever you say we are lazy. The drug doesn't make you lazy, the PERSONALITY of the person makes them lazy. Yes, this is a scientifically proven fact.* Marijuana returns hunger to those who are unable to eat, it fights Alzheimer's, it fights depression & anxiety and overall improves the quality of life just like owning a car does.* Marijuana is not illegal because it is "harmful"--It's not harmful, but that's not the fact. The fact here is that marijuana is illegal because if big business was allowed to use Hemp products, it would be so high quality that it would put other business' out of business; such as Paper.Do I really have to keep going? I am quite sure there is more benefits that I can't think of, or have yet to learn, and if you actually took the time to do some research you wouldn't have me up in your face all the time whenever you ignorantly refuse to do the research and get your facts straight.But the truth is that none of these things matter.Not 1 fact here I have said is any good reason to legalize marijuana.Do you know what the ONLY reason is to legalize marijuana?Because this is the United States; Land of the "Free"; Home of the "Brave".Why some people feel they are in a position of authority to undermine the civil liberties of others is totally beyond me."Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.""Don't Tread On Me."The way I see it is that this issue isn't a liberal issue. I know a lot of people personally, from various political leans, that support the legalization of marijuana. The ONLY reason it is not legalized is because it would put certain business' out of work.No one wants to see business' be put out of work, no one wants to see a family go without, but I am not willing to sacrifice my liberty for that. I will not sacrifice anything at all to give up 1 right that we have as born Americans.Everything we fight and die for is NOT FOR SALE.LEGALIZE IT.There is only today.nooner: That is why we have to get behind this. We cannot rely on the politicians to do this for us. We must all put our pen's to good use.Rambling? Hardly. Jealous much? Well, you could always go back to school. Who is lazy now? =)It actually is a fact. It was on myth busters. Feel free to look into it yourself but I really don't expect you to get off your lazy butt.
A: Answer 1 is wrong:Health care costs will not increase. People already use it. Health care would remain the same.Law enforcement costs would be lowered.Answer 2 is wrong: Marijuana is more readily available to minors than alcohol. Marijuana does not kill brain cells. That is a myth.

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