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Can you lose your voice from singing normally

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Vocal rest and (in extreme cases) surgery in the form of removing vocal nodules cures such problems (not good). Vocal nodules are pollups or blisters that can form on the focal folds (chords) due to inproper overuse. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-lose-your-voice-from-singing-normally ]
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Can you lose your voice from singing normally
Vocal rest and (in extreme cases) surgery in the form of removing vocal nodules cures such problems (not good). Vocal nodules are pollups or blisters that can form on the focal folds (chords) due to inproper overuse.
Can you lose your singing voice permanently?
If this is just because of an infection, you'll be fine. The antibiotics should take care of it. Normally you only lose your voice forever when you cause yourself permanent vocal damage by abusing the heck out of it (ie. excessive yelling/o...
Why do i lose my voice after singing 4 songs??
If your voice gets a bit raspy or cracked after singing, try drinking water before you sing, it soothes the vocal cords. And after a whole day of talking(even though it might not seem like much) is kind of like a warm up. So I wouldn't go t...

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