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Can you die from a pulled tooth

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A:There are no reports on whether one can die from getting a tooth pulled. You can die from an infection of an abscessed tooth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-die-from-a-pulled-tooth ]
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Can you die from a pulled tooth
There are no reports on whether one can die from getting a tooth pulled. You can die from an infection of an abscessed tooth.
Can you die when getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
I had four removed..and they were stubborn so he had to cut into my jaw. They were sideways. I didn't die and the pain meds helped a lot. Just be sure not to get a dry socket..your dentist can tell you how not to. Make sure your mother or f...
Which Candidate will help me get a tooth pulled before I die??
Man, that is wrong. Vets need more. Vote Obama. Call around. Getting a tooth pulled should cost around $40. Or call a dental school if there is one in your city. If I were a dentist, I would help you, but that is probably because I am a dem...

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am i going to die from my teeth being pulled with an infection?
Q: ok i am getting my teeth pulled tomorrow,its my three front ones, i have a infection in my gums right where they are pulling them.i heard you can die from getting your teeth pulled with an infection,is that true? im so scared to get them pulled,,can someone please talk to me about this,my appointment is tomorrow
A: You will not die from getting an infected tooth removed. In fact it is the best thing. The infection will have a nice area to drain from and the cause of the infection will be eliminated. The dentist may also give to some antibiotics to speed up the healing.
Can you die from having a tooth pulled?
A: I probably came as close as anyone ever did, in Navy bootcamp. Some f*^&%&^%$^% (&*&%&$*^&^ dentist TRAINEE........his first DAY on the job, I am guessing.........a pair of PLIERS----------I kid you NOTTTTTTTT--------and more BLOOD than I have ever seen in my LIFE------all of it.........MINE. They literally had to CARRY me back to my bunk, where I did not twitch another muscle for 2 whole days........loss of blood. I have always wanted to find that dentist.........and return the favor.
Where can i go to get my rotten teeth pulled?
Q: I heard you can die from rotten teeth. Is that true? If so, where can i go to get them pulled that won't cost me a fortune?Also should i really be worried about dieing from my rotten teeth?
A: My garage. Whiskey to kill the pain is extra.

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