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Can scoliosis be fixed

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Aside from surgery or wearing a brace, there's no cure for scoliosis. With proper treatment, further damage can be prevented. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-scoliosis-be-fixed ]
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Can scoliosis be fixed
Aside from surgery or wearing a brace, there's no cure for scoliosis. With proper treatment, further damage can be prevented.
How do you fix Scoliosis
Unfortunately, surgery for scoliosis is used only as a last resort and your OI may put you in a high risk catagory for surgery. How bad do you have it? There are exercises that can be done, I believe, to help strengthen your back, and th...
Can my scoliosis be fixed?
Your doctor is right. Exercise will keep your core muscles strong, but it won't treat the curve. There isn't a lot that you can do to keep your spine from curving. You have only a few choices, assuming that you have structural scoliosis. (K...

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Can scoliosis be fixed with just a brace over time?
Q: Or can it be fixed at all without surgery? Emphasis on the without surgery part. My friend just found out he has scoliosis, and I can't find anything on fixing it.I just found out it's 36 degrees, so if that helps to make things more specific
A: I had the surgury 2 years ago and i had to wear the bracce before that.It mostly depends on how far along you are in growing. My number increased slowly over the time i was wearing the brace. LET ME JUST TELL YOU THIS...they make you think surgery is terrible and scary and that the brace is better. Me- having done both- i will honestly say that surgery is way better. The brace that your friend will get will most likely be a boston brace- i called it the torture devise.feel free to email me if you or your friend has any questions.
Why can't mild scoliosis be fixed?
Q: why cant scoliosis be fixed? i mean if actions u made caused ur spine to curve then why cant u fix it?
A: Because you're not doing anything to make your spine grow the way it is. Therefore, there's nothing to "stop doing" in order for your spine to grow straight.The best that can be done is bracing (for moderate-to-major curves) to try to keep the curve from getting larger. If that doesn't work, spine fusion will be done as a last resort.Feel free to email me if you want to talk about this more.
Can Scoliosis be fixed by a chiropractor????
Q: I need a seriouse answer.can they put your spine back into place?
A: Chiropractors, message therapists, acupuncturists, etc., can't fix scoliosis. These people adjust the soft, connective tissues and that may (or may not, you can't tell ahead of time) make you feel better, but remember, scoliosis is not a connective tissue disease. Your spine is growing curved.

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