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Can I pop an abscess on my gums

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A:You should not try to pop it on your own. It could lead to further infection. You should see a dentist or go to the Emergency room and have them do it and get some antibiotics. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-pop-an-abscess-on-my-gums ]
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Can I pop an abscess on my gums
You should not try to pop it on your own. It could lead to further infection. You should see a dentist or go to the Emergency room and have them do it and get some antibiotics.
Can i pop my abscess my abscess is on my gum not my tooth??
It's always better to have a medical professional do something like that. They might be able to drain it with a syringe so you don't have to taste the contents of the abscess. Also, you will probably need to go back on antibiotics after the...

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abscess in gums... dental people please help!!!?
Q: Ok so the endodontist told me i have an abscess inside my gums that's about half the size of an adult's thumb. I got a root canal 5 days ago and the endodontist said that when I get the root canal completed (which is in 3 days), they might drain the abscess. Well in the past two days, I've felt/heard a "crackling sound" twice on the tooth where the root canal was done. Does that mean the abscess like, popped or exploded? I can't see any swelling and there's no bump so I know the abscess is inside my gums (even though I had one that was on top of my gums about a month ago, but it's gone), so do you think it popped inside my gums? How would I know if it did or not? Any other advice would help too! Please help me!!! I'm really worried because I heard that a popped abscess can kill you... And since I got hte root canal, does that mean the abscess is treated and that I shouldn't worry about it? Thank you
A: The absess is gone and is still dying off from the antibiotics and your body the popping sound is probably the temporary filling coming lose or maybe your tooth itself has cracked. Our teeth that has been root canaled are a lot weaker and are known to fracture. My point is you are not going to die u are gstinf better. Make a appointment to see if the temporary filling is still in place or if your tooth is still in tact
I have an abscess tooth and can I pop the bubble on my gum?
Q: I went to the dentist and already have an appointment to get a root canal.However, the bubble on my gum (upper jaw area - front tooth) is annoying me; can I pop it?When I brush my teeth it kind of pops and blood comes out. I know this is gross - yes - but I was just wondering.HELPPPPPPPPPPPP
A: don't pop it intentionally but it's ok if it doesi had this happen to me once, it popped when i brushed my teeth as wellbut it will come back again anyway.the root canal will stop it from coming again. it happens because the root in your tooth is dying
Eating with an Abscess Tooth?
Q: I'm going to the dentist tomorrow because of a big abscess on my gums. Anyways, I want to have a good meal today because most likely they'll have to pull the tooth and I know I'm not going to want to eat after that. So, my questions is would it be okay to eat with an abscess? and what happens if it pop accidentally? Is there something I can do to prevent it from popping? It would be sick if it popped while eating.
A: it wouldnt pop while it you eat, its abscessed at the root..So yea there probably are going to pull it out and prescribe you some antibodies and pain killers..You can always chew on the other side though..after they pull it out just stick to soft foods and cold foods dont eat anything hott..so like ice cream(with no nuts), smoothie, mashed potatoes..etc.. foods like that..also don't smoke for atleast a week, because that can cause you a dry socket which is very painful..just baby yourself for a week until it heals, sleep alot because that helps it heal faster, and inside of mouths naturally heal faster because their always wet. hope this helps, good luck.

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