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Can a slipped spinal disc slip back in place

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Yes, treatment for a slipped disc is a short period of rest with pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Some need therapy/surgery [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-slipped-spinal-disc-slip-back-in-place ]
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Can a slipped spinal disc slip back in place
Yes, treatment for a slipped disc is a short period of rest with pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Some need therapy/surgery

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Spinal cord injury, can it be seen on MRIs?
Q: Okay so maybe noone on here will know the answer but what the heck...I can't seem to find the answer on the internet. Are all spinal cord injuries able to be seen on MRIs? 3 years after the initial injury would it be able to be seen? I broke my neck in a car accident (wasnt my fault and I was the only one involved) three years ago and broke two vertabrae (one was broken completely off) and slipped two discs. They put a titanium plate and a steel rod and donor bone in my neck via a fusion and that was the end of it. I had to wear a brace for 6 weeks, had a little of physical therapy while in the hospital, but was sent home 3 days later with only mind nerve damage in hands and legs. The hands got completely better and the legs recovered for the most part. I still was not able to stand in place for long periods of time or go back to swimming the four miles a day I had previous swam but I was lucky to be walking so I didn't complain. Well it has been three years and I slowly saw myself being able to stand for shorter and shorter periods of time without my feet swelling red and knees feeling full and legs achy. This past January it began to affect my sleep with RLS type symptoms and I was getting down to about 10 minutes standing before my legs hurt and feet swelled. So in January I went to the doctor who did blood tests and an ultrasound of my legs to rule out other problems and vasculatory issues. She also gave me sleeping pills to help me get through until we found a diagnosis. Then she sent me on to a neurologist who did some muscle tests and said she thought it was remnant problems from a spinal cord injury during my car accident. She ordered an MRI and I have been awaiting results. My legs have been getting worse and worse every day within the last month and now are spasming, cramping, aching, and making my life miserable. Well I didn't take my sleeping pill last night bc I was off today from work and I hate having to depend on pills. So I didn't get much sleep and when the office called to tell me my "MRI was normal" at 8am I was still in bed and basically just said thank you and went back to sleep. Well when I woke back up I was like...what does that mean? Does that mean it is a spinal cord injury bc she couldnt see anything else wrong or does that mean she thinks I'm fine? I wish they would have clarified because that office never answers the phone. If this means she thinks I'm fine I obviously need to go to another neurologist.So this brings me back to my question, does anyone know if they would be able to tell if I had a spinal cord injury at the time from a recent MRI and would it be causing my symptoms if it were? Any other suggestions on what it could be or neurologists to see in the Eastern NC/ Southern VA area?
A: The marrow is a kind of grease material, which is stored in the bone cavities. As the locations of marrow are different, they each have their own names, the bone marrow, the spinal marrow and the brain. The spinal marrow communicates with the brain, flowing up to the brain and clown to the coccyx, which is thus called the cerebrospinal cord.The formation of marrow is related to the congenital essence and acquired essence.Fundamentally, the marrow is manufactured by the kidney-essence. The kidney stores the essence which manufactures the marrow. Furthermore, the essential substances produced from food and drink supplies nourishment to the bone marrow via the bone cavity, which reinforces the brain. Thus, either insufficiency of congenital essence, or impairment of the acquired essence may affect marrow formation.more information in this site, you will find what you need.http://tcmdiscovery.com/
What kind of drug could i request for pain? I've tried quite a few things nd nothing seems to help! look below?
Q: I don't know what to do! Please help as much as possible... I've had back problems all my life, and i'm only 21. march of 08, I was getting ready for work. I went to stand up from sitting on the couch, and I realized I couldn't get up. I couldn't feel from my hips down, but what I COULD feel was unbelievable pressure in my lower back and legs. I ended up having to be carried to the hospital. The doctor there did nothing but push me to bend over and see how far i could bend until i touched my toes (by this time i was in incredibly serious pain). He, without doing an mri or xrays, automatically prescribed me anti-inflammitories and muscle relaxers. after a few months, I had to go to another doctor. She told me they werent helping me any, and she took xrays and an mri. She found out that my spinal discs are deteriorating and slipping in and out of place. So she prescribed me multiple things at different times to figure out which ones helped and which ones didn't.I found that high doses of lortab mixed with flexeril and oxycodone and flexeril worked. everything else didn't even touch the pain.Over the past few months, things have been getting worse. I can't get through work without feeling like something is going to break. Most often, it's my tailbone. I feel if I put pressure on my right foot, my tailbone will snap completely in half. it sends searing pain down my right leg, and up to my head, causing migraines. I've been in physical therapy, and it makes it worse. I don't believe it's muscles, but i don't know what to say to the doctors to get them to help me and believe me.I recently went to the doctor for this problem. He mentioned to me that he won't give me those medications because of high addiction rates? I don't know what these rates are, but my question would be:What is a pain killer you have tried that helped and did its job?also, when muscle relaxers make you sleep well instead of relaxing muscles, what else could be used to help relax you?PLEASE help, like i said, i'm only 21 years old. I need to figure this out before it gets too much worse.thankyou, megan.
A: I have osteoarthritis in the severe degenerative stages and severe neurological damages. I've had surgery twelve times and two cages in my spine to help hold it together. 32 screws and 32 pieces of wire. It's not helping at all, it's a continuing thing, My spine is falling apart. I have been on Oxycontin and oxycondone, they are to expensive for me $396.00 a month script so, I'm down to Vicodin and suffer a lot but, it takes th edge off, for $12.00 a month. I also have an implant that is useless and I'm getting an infusion pump for drugs. It will dispense 1/300 of the drug morphine directly to the spinal sheathe instead of my body. I would suggest you get all your X-Rays and MRI's and see if you can find a good pain clinics where you are. The one I go to is wonderful and they are all concerned with my health. There's not much you can do and they can only operate so much before they give up. Sorry but that's all I can give you after fourteen years of suffering.
Need help deciding if it's time to put my dog down please. Warning-it's long and I ramble-sorry ahead of time!?
Q: We have a 13 1/2 year old female golden retriever named Missy. We've had her since she was just one a half months old. Needless to say she is a huge part of the family. She started having trouble getting up and down and walking. We thought she had hip displaysia since it seems to be prevalent with her breed and she seemed to be in pain, etc. so we had an appointment to put her to sleep where the vet would come to our house - Missy hates the vet office. But we just couldn't do it w/out knowing there was nothing else that could be done for her so we took her to the vets office and the vet said she could help Missy that Missy has disc disease (somewhere she has received an injury so the vet said - but I don't know where/when/how she did). That bothers me to know this too. So with knowing she could help keep Missy with us longer and to also help her - we decided to do the therapy of steroids/muscle relaxers along with putting her on a diet. For 2 weeks we did the therapy and noticed at first a great improvement - Missy was like a new dog - she could get up on her own - potty by herself - walk on her own although she was wobbly - but then she had down days - so down in fact that she couldn't even stand on her own - upon taking her back to the vet for her 2 week checkup the vet told us that Missy will have good days/bad days and the bad days will depend on how 'hard' Missy falls when she tries to walk/get up or slips - so now that we understand the good days/bad days we kept her on her meds in hopes she would get back to that day when she was like a new dog again - sadly that has never happened again. She went back to the vet after a month had passed and I told my husband that I really didn't want to keep Missy on meds because I felt like it wasn't helping her enough - (she still needs our help in going potty - getting places) and it's painful for me to watch her struggle to get up and walk (drunken sailor walk - almost a crawl - she knuckles up on both her back paws) although the vet assures me Missy does not feel it and that is why she is walking this way 'cause her brain isn't getting the info to her nerves due to the spinal injury. But also whatver the vet thought too I would be alright with. Well we have her on steroids for another month and a week's worth of pain meds. They want her to go off the pain med if she can - so far it's been 3 days off and she seems to be w/out pain - although she is sleeping more now and I noticed when I touched her thigh she flinched and her whole body tensed up - so is it enough she can manage w/out pain meds - I think so at this moment anyway - (the vet will give her pain med if we call and ask for it should we see Missy needs it). She goes back in another month. She has lost 14 pounds and needs to lose another 10 if she can (she was heavy - @ 83 pounds) and this will help her to "walk gingerly on her paws" the vet says - but I have doubts as to if we're doing the right thing for Missy. She is thin looking, her face gets drawn @ night time - she wears out very easily - we still have to help her go potty - and if we're not home and she tries to do it herself she does fall in it sometimes and there's been 2 times where she has wet herself. If she really really wants to do something on her own like move out in the yard she can do that but it is such a sad sight to see - and then sometimes she can't and then she gets 'stuck' and will bark for help. It's breaking my heart and I'm so torn as to what to do. She doesn't have too much pain for now (she did before we put her on meds so meds are helping her) but she is soooo hungry - she's not starving but she's hungry - she gets frustrated 'cause she can't get up at a moments notice like before - it wears her out to get up and get a drink even - are we doing the right thing for her? I don't know if I'm looking for validation for saying it's ok to let her go or keep her with us. My heart tells me to let her go but then my head says no - she still has life in her but then her life isn't that quality that I know she wants - I don't want to be selfish - we 'snatched' her from deaths jaws by just days - like I said we had app't to put her down and then decided to be very sure - and we were soooo happy that we didn't do it because she had a few good days from the meds - and mind you that if she isn't on the meds she will go down hill quicker - but she still needs our help for just about everything - now I'm wondering if we should let her go - she goes back in about 2 weeks for checkup and I'm thinking we should ask the vet to discontinue the meds (except for pain when she needs it) and let her eat normal again - then when it's to that point again we will have her put to sleep. Are we doing the right thing by keeping her with us or should we let her go in peace and dignity? We love her with all of our heart and I know she is an animal but she is a part of our family. Thanks for your time - sorry I rambled - I'm very good
A: I don't think you're doing anything wrong if the vet thinks there is a chance that she may get better. I have had my dog Lucky for 12 years and he IS a part of our family and I would probably do the same. I went though a similar situation with heart worms 3 years ago. We paid 8,000 dollars on surgery, treatment and recovery when the doctor said there's a good chance the surgery won't be enough. People said i was crazy but he made it. After going through the heart worms and surgery he was severely underweight and it took a whole year to get him back to his normal weight because he was only used to eating the bare minimum when he was sick and recovering(i had to hand feed him). Missy just needs to adjust to the new diet. Even without this medical condition, the doctor probably would still have suggested a change in diet if she's overweight. So don't feel bad, you're doing what's best, she'll get used to it. If it was my dog I'd try everything until the vet says there's nothing more they can do and not think twice about it. I hope everything works out for the best and I will say a prayer for Missy. God Bless you and your family.

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