Would You

by on February 23rd, 2011
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Have you ever loved someone so much you would die for them?
Would you give up everything you knew just to show them how much you loved them?

Would you give your last breath just to save their lives?
Would you be willing to take a chance on being hurt?
Would you lay your life down for that special someone?

Could you love them thru all the hurt and pain?
Would you still love them if they had nothing?
Would it matter if they were big or small?

Would you still love them if you lost everything but them?
Would you give them all of you holding nothing back?
Would you share their sorrow?Wipe away their tears?

Would you act silly just to make them smile?
Would you walk away from family and friends if they interfered?
Would you hold them when their scared and shaking?

Would you comfort them if they lost someone they loved?
Would you stay beside them and hold their hand, if they were on their death bed?
Just to let them know they are not alone?

Would you be broken hearted?
Would your life be shattered into a million pieces?
Would you?

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