Why Lindsay Lohan Channeling Marilyn Monroe in Playboy is a Bad Idea

by on March 7th, 2015
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Poor Hugh Hefner just can’t let Marilyn Monroe go — he’s going to have Lindsay Lohan replicate the iconic Playboy photo shoot that ensured that his magazine would forever be a part of the fabric of pop culture, even though it’s a terrible idea.

For one thing, Hef has already had his Marilyn wannabe, and things didn’t turn out so well for her. Like Lindsay, Anna Nicole Smith absolutely idolized Marilyn, and she even managed to pattern her career after that of her idol when she landed on the cover of Playboy (to be fair, she did have a little advantage that Marilyn did not — a sugar daddy tycoon who bought her breast implants). Anna’s voluptuous bod and blonde locks soon had everyone calling her the next Monroe, which proved to be true in the worst way — just like Marilyn, she died of a drug overdose before age 40. So why would Hef want to cater to another Marilynophile after what happened to the last one?

The timing of the news that Lindsay will be posing as Marilyn is also pretty bad. Blonde bombshell Michelle Williams, a successful actress that has no problem finding work and finishing films, will be starring as Monroe in the Nov. 23 movie “My Week with Marilyn.” By choosing right now to pose as the blonde that gentlemen prefer, Linds looks like she’s making a desperate move to prove that she’s the real modern-day Marilyn.

Then of course there’s the fact that Lindsay has already replicated one of Marilyn’s nude photo shoots for a magazine. Back in 2008 she was given the opportunity to recreate Monroe’s “Last Sitting” photo shoot for New York magazine. However, the media attention the shoot got hardly helped Lindsay’s movie career, and posing for Playboy probably won’t, either.

And does Lindsay really deserve the opportunity to recreate one of Marilyn’s most iconic photo shoots? She might not have been the best actress of all time, but Marilyn never stooped to doing anything like “I Know Who Killed Me.” Plus she certainly didn’t stay a star simply because she kept getting arrested and making court appearances.

Maybe Linds and Hef should take a page from Megan Fox — the actress is having her Marilyn tattoo removed from her right forearm because she doesn’t want any “negative energy” in her life. It’s obvious that Lindsay certainly needs less negative energy herself, so perhaps she needs to pick a new non-tragic figure to idolize — why not a talented activist actress like Elizabeth Taylor who lived a full life? There are tons of other silver screen legends she could choose from, or maybe she should actually start modeling herself after a modern-day success like the star of “My Week with Marilyn.”

So what do you think of the Marilyn Monroe-themed Playboy shoot — should Hef just let the blonde beauty rest in peace, or will some Marilyn magic actually help save Lindsay’s career?

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