Tips for a Memorable Outdoor Wedding

by on October 22nd, 2010
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Outdoor weddings can be lovely and quite romantic. The best time to hold an outdoor weddings can be in the spring, summer or fall. There’s nothing like hearing the birds singing, or the wind lightly blowing or the sun glowing with radiance upon the bride. Although, there are a few tips that you should follow so that everything goes as planned and there won’t be any surprises. When you are joining two hearts in love, you want everything to be perfect.

When planning for your outdoor wedding, you need to keep in mind what season it will be. If you are putting together a summer wedding, you might find an area that you can place a tent to keep guests cool, or at least some shade trees that are close by. You want all of your guests (and you and your groom) to be comfortable while you are reciting your vows to each other. Also, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a sweaty kiss under a hot unbearable sun. If the weather is warm the day of the wedding, it might be advisable to have extra glasses of water with ice at tables, so that guests can cool down after the ceremony has ended.

During the spring and fall, most of the time, temperatures can be comfortable, but also cool too. If the weather is cool, think about serving warm drinks like hot apple cider or hot cocoa. For weddings that are in the early evening or early morning outdoors, and it is cooler than usual, have a few blankets nearby that guests can use or even have a few small heaters around so that guests can warm themselves up.

Also, when planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to plan for any weather changes or surprises. It is ideal to have a place to schedule your indoor wedding just in case it is raining or if it is too hot or cold to be outside. It would also be a good idea to plan for occasional wind too. Have your hair and the bridesmaids’ hair fixed so that it can withstand any breeze or wind during the wedding. Use hair products like gel or pomade and plenty of hair-pins to keep everything in its place.

When you are decorating for an outdoor weddings, try to avoid light fabrics. Use heavier fabrics that will stay on tables and staple them down so that they do not blow off tables. Avoid using glassware so that nothing falls or shatters. If you are using tents, be sure all of them are tied securely into the ground. If your wedding will be falling into the early evening hours, try placing solar lights or even outdoor holiday lights to brighten up the area. Avoid too many candles, because they could always fall and catch fire.

Other important factors for outdoor weddings include sound systems, bug zappers to keep away flying pests and plenty of hydration for the guests. Sounds tend to carry outdoors, so there should be plenty of speakers near all of your guests so that they can hear conversations and music. Nobody also wants to be swatting flies, mosquitoes or bees during the ceremony. Be sure to have supplies to keep uninvited pests away from the wedding. Allow a variety of refreshments to be available before and after the wedding ceremony-and especially plenty on hand during the reception. Include choices such as water, tea, lemonade or other hydrating juices. Adding additional juicy fruits on ice such as grapes and strawberries on hand are ideal too.

Planning an outdoor wedding can be romantic and a day to remember. Although, to make your wedding memorable, you need to have careful and creative planning for any surprise or change that could come along. While nobody’s wedding is ever perfect, it can be a day or night to remember. Just remember that the wedding is about everybody joining together as a family and sharing your love with those that you care about.


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