Three Games that Gets Your Child Thinking More Academically

by on November 7th, 2010
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There are three great sites for kids to play games on and learn at the same time. These sites are very popular among all ages and can help them to think better and make better grades in some of their classes.

First game is Moshimonsters. Moshimonsters is a virtual game site that’s said to increase your intelligence by a small margin. The game starts out by the child picking their favorite monster, changing it’s color and giving it a name. The child must challenge themselves to the quiz once a day to complete levels to earn rox to take care of the monster. The monster can also get a pet by growing flowers and catching a “moshling”. As you complete levels, the game becomes larger, more things are open like a game to catch butterflies and much more.

Neopets was a site originally made for college students, but kids began to love it became their site. Like Moshimonsters, you adopt a pet that’s an imaginary monster and earn points by playing small games. These games are educational like “Typing Terror. The game teaches children to adapt to the keyboard a whole lot quicker than normal. Robots come at you with strange words on their stomach. You must type them before they harm the space station. Aisha’s Dream is a math game that has simple mathematics. The game is based on how many simple equations you can solve before time goes out. There are more games on this site. There is a game for both adults and kids.

Poptropicia is a game based on history. You unlock more doors and go further through history. Many people have said they have learned more about history from their children than anywhere else. I guess, it takes a kid to play a game to learn history to teach us something small about our pasts. Games can really educate kids if you give them the opportunity to play the right ones. Academics learned in games have been tested through trial and error, but these games are proven to get your kid thinking.

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