The World

by on August 12th, 2015
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You chained my senses in my younger days

as fleshly beauties and natural designs

but now there appears your real color!

Beneath your azure eyes I see

the deadly radiations that cripple even embryos

your eyebrows are venomous political serpents

your tongue is numbed of polluted water

your teeth are stained red of exploitation

your sighs smell petrified POWs,

brutally tortured in the concentration camps

the garland around your neck is beaded ICBMs

destitute fetuses in your womb

suckle thumbs and suppress their cries

your vulva floods with immoral lust

there is clatter of bribes and fake notes

in your itching palm

your brain is the Dead Sea of terrorism

and your legs wobble due to fanaticism.

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