The Top 10 Can’t-Live-Without iPhone Apps

by on October 30th, 2013
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It’s easy to end up with a bunch of iPhone apps that you thought you had to have, but then never end up using. With over 425,000 apps currently available for download, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the App Store. Follow this guide for the top 10 essential apps to get you started and will likely return to on a regular basis.

Angry Birds – $0.99
This top seller has long been the favorite game in the App Store. The game features 288 levels of birds seeking revenge on pigs that have stolen their eggs, for hours of fun. This pop culture favorite even has its own feature film in the works. Watch out, you may become addicted!

Kayak – Free
Compare prices and book hotel rooms, flights and rental cars with this intuitive and easy to use app. It also allows you to track your flight, manage itineraries and much more for your next big adventure or business trip.

Kindle – Free
Your iPhone can also double as the popular Amazon eReader with this app. With an easy to read format this app gives you instant access to over 950,000 books and over 100 newspapers and magazines available for download.

Photoshop Express – Free
Photoshop Express allows you to take the photos from your iPhone and edit them with everything basic cropping and color correction features to special effects.

Facebook – Free
Keep in touch with your friends with a little help from the Facebook app. Look at the latest status updates and photos, while keeping your friends in the loop on your latest activities.

Skype – Free
Another popular social network, Skype allows you to call, video call and instant message users for free right from your phone. By purchasing Skype Credits you can also save money on long distance and international calls.

Flixster – Free
Get the latest movie showtimes and critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes with the Flixter app. Check out the trailer before you see the movie and compare notes with friends. The app even includes movie quizzes, information on upcoming films and details on the latest DVD releases.

Instapaper – $4.99
When you don’t have time to read something online, Instapaper will save it for later offline reading. There are a few steps to get it set up, but once it is ready to go the convenience is bar none.

CNN – Free
Keep up-to-date on the latest news from CNN. This app will even allow you to watch live news broadcasts right from your phone.

Shazam – Free
Can’t put your finger on the name of that song you listening to on the radio? Shazam will help you figure it out with the touch of a quick button. Shazam will then save the song, connect you to iTunes to download it, YouTube to watch the music video, connect you to the lyrics and more.

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