Temp-to-hire is Moving to State Employment

by on December 31st, 2014
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There is a song that really hit me when it came out a while back. It describes most of the people I know in my community. It starts, “I’ve been working as a temp at the local factory. I hope they hire me on full time.” The song is called Family Man by Craig Campbell.

Country music now includes lyrics about the phenomenon of people working for temp agencies before getting hired full time. At this point, it is in our culture as Americans to accept that is how to gain employment. Factories are saving themselves money by paying temporary workers less than they would have to pay a full time worker.

For years I thought this was a phenomenon that was exclusive to factory work. Every temp service I knew of was only hiring factory workers. People were glad to have those jobs too. However, I cannot do factory work anymore.

Recently, I was contacted by a temporary service in Indianapolis. They found my resume on CareerBuilder.com and wanted to offer me an interview that the local correctional facility. After my second interview through this service (the third one at that facility), I finally got a job offer. Next week, I will be contracted to work at a correctional facility through a temporary service.

Regardless of how happy I am to get the job, I am still perplexed that the state is actually using a temporary service to hire people. Had this company not called me, I would still be watching the state employment website waiting for an opening. It appears as though the state has caught on to how many factories are saving money and followed suit.

Starting next week, I will be using my bachelor’s degree to work as a temp, hoping they hire me on full time. Do not think that’s negative. I truly appreciate the position.

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