Subject: Community Violence

by on June 1st, 2014
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Neighborhood violence isn’t new to society as much as people seems to want to profess it is. Its just more apparent than probably in our youthful years. Many neighborhoods has lived under a fearful atmosphere down through the centuries. We just concentrate on poorer communities which for some sad reason loves to be called: the Innercity.

Good news comes, from the poor side, of town. Where the main stream press seems to paint in bad settings when their news comes before the publi?. Sure, gangs live mostly in less successful towns, but that because the people place their loyalty in the wrong defense stragedy to defending them. And many reasons they have this safe haven is because, of the friends and associates and family connection protecting them. Notice many children today can’t honestly point out right , from wrong because of many twisted family teaching.

Watch the news, where a youth was killed through gang violence? Pay close attention to the logic offer, by the parents, friends, or people in general that lives surrounded, by these gangs. If you don’t hear things have gotten worse over the years. You more likely hear the worst excuse, of blaming the local police for not doing enough to stop it. And, we all know officers can only put a dent in crime when those in that community is willing to fight the criminals controlling your neighborhoods.

If you child has been attracted to the drug trade than you must alert authorities, of that interest. If gangs seems to want to live within your vicinity. Again, you must be strong enough to tackle them against any threat that might come your way. Bullies threaten without realizing bullying(using the legal law) goes both ways.

Women seems to attract bad apples that they think a bad boy image is better than a hard honest working individual which is further, from the truth than they realize it is. Many women that dates the drug supplier is only good until the next victim comes along. This contribute to the community being a victim, of violence and crime. Not that people manipulation is anything new to the world.

Children don’t have a personal responsibility rule installed in them the way some , of us had as youth. While many blame homes for being without a father present. That’s only true to a certain extent because many families still have that tough mother laying down the law. Mothers or least them mothers before eighteeen live, by the friendship rule over the parental rule. As, a parent you was taught to never let the child come under the impression we are living, by, what I call the subling rule. Which is the phase we are more like sisters or brother and sister when your role is strictly that , of a parent.

A bridge that can’t be cross, by being friends instead, of parents. This plays apart in violence in the community. Where by the time a teen is in her late twenties the child will be close to ten or eleven yers old and had no true guidance? Many grand parents in those golden days played a guiding role in their grandchild live to not want them to be a burden or shall I say a embarrassment to them.

When you hear many youth are facing the justice system pay close attention to hearing no true structure was apparent in their youthful lives. We see in many communities, where the local police is trying to involve ministers in trying to stop the violence in many communities? But, to many citizens many ministers are totally afraid to walk or be seen in many tough communities.Yes, they preach above the violence in many sectors, of the city. But, where are they at when violence needs to be addressed in the city when a youth has just been killed. Sure, they come and grieve with the parent or parents and the family when a crime has happen.

But, that’s probably all you see because, if you think many churches wanted to intervene in communities violence they would unite to tackle this problem all year long with the help, of the people. Notice, how on Monday w have an Aids awareness day set aside, by many, many organizations during the year to bring attention to this disease. Well, why don’t churches has a Sunday out, of each month to hamnmer home violence before the people seated i the congregation.

Who don’t comprehend that many gang members supporters re seated within the church? The parents, mothers of criminal childrens. We can add fathers too because women is becoming a violent group in any communities. Hammer the message home constantly to people about crime in their community being accepted, by them and you’re more likely to hit a nerve.

We accept crime when we fail to report crimes to the proper authoritities. Then, we want to play the blame game upon the local police. Which in many ways o share in the blame, of letting criminals operate within many neighborhoods. Who hadn’t heard police officials offer thier opinions about having someone under investigation, for months concerning the crime they apprehended them on? It might have been the number house. It might have been the drug trade, within yur neighborhood. Or anything that could and should have been stopped after a certain amount, of proven evidence was gather.

So, yes those that wants to stop crime in many ways assist in the criminals creating more crime in your town. Neighborhood watch works only if you’re willing to stand firm against the criminal activities i your community. Intimdate the criminals and you probably find they will avoid your section, of town.

It’s like a child raise correctly. When you know he/she will tell on you to your teacher,parents your mindset is to avoid doing anything around them because you know their ways. So stand up to the bullies, the gangs, the drug suppliers.Even, if they are your friends and associates. What done in secrecy usually gets exposed sooner or later to the public? A safe communities comes, from speaking out about the crimes to solve them.

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