“Sons of Anarchy” Season 4 Episode 1

by on October 28th, 2014
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At the end of Season 3, the boys were taken away in a paddy wagon because Jax ratted out the Irish Kings to Agent Stahl to get Gemma a three year sentence or 14 months with good behavior. What no one saw coming was the smile on Jax’s face in the paddy wagon as the brothers rode by alerting the club members inside that Stahl was dead and the documents were retrieved. Sheriff Unser was always loyal to SAMCRO, so there was no reason not to believe that he would risk his career and help setup Agent Stahl to be killed as well as Jimmy O.

Tara was pregnant with Jax Teller’s kid. She had found some letters in Jax’s backpack from his father John Teller to his secret love, Maureen. Maureen had placed the letters in the backpack before the club left Ireland with Jaxs son Abel, who had been kidnapped. One letter tells the truth about his death and Tara started reading it.

Gemma was left fearing for her son’s safety because he turned into a rat.

Season 4 Episode 1

After a 14-months stint in the state prison, the boys come home. It starts out showing Jax with short hair. The boys are walking down the hall to be released. The rest of the gang is waiting outside the door for a happy reunion.

As the boys ride home to Charming, they encounter the new sheriff in town, Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar), and new development going on to turn Charming into a luxury community. As the boys ride into town, the new sheriff has a roadblock greeting for them. He tells the club members that no colors or other identifying items can be worn in public in Charming.

The boys get back to the clubhouse and meet their woman. Tara has both kids, Abel and Thomas, there to meet daddy.

The new federal prosecutor introduces himself to Roosevelt as Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). Potter wants to bring Roosevelt into the loop. As it turns out, Potter has been following the Irish, Russians and SAMCRO gun running operations. They have an undercover guy on the Russian side, who has infiltrated the organization and is line for becoming the number 2 man.

The boys have a discussion about the new luxury homes going up. Clay sees a definite problem with the development, because no one in Charming could possibly afford the homes. It must be out-of-towners. The boys get envelops filled with money from the gun selling the other members were doing while they were in prison.

The sheriff has a deputy tailing the club. As they ride down the highway, some bikes box the squad car in so that Clay and some others can go do their work. Clay and the guys get away, but some of the guys that were boxing in the squad car get stopped by the over zealous deputy. Roosevelt isn’t happy to hear that his deputy stopped and detained some of the guys. He instructs the deputy to cut them loose.

Clay and the guys pay a visit to the Russians to set up a meeting for that night at the celebration to get a look at some of the guns.

Gemma goes to see Unser, who isn’t doing well. He lives in a little trailer in the middle of nowhere. He was supposed to be at the clubhouse for the homecoming, but forgot. He tells Gemma he isn’t taking his pills anymore because they make him sick. Gemma gives him a bag of weed since his plants outside aren’t looking very good.

The Russian informant tells the agents that the club and the Russians are meeting that night. Potter believes that it will only be a show and tell, but nothing more. The agency has no intention of showing up to ruin what could be bigger plans.

Jax asks Tara to marry him. He says that he has loved her since he was 16 years old. Tara is concerned about the boys growing up around the club. Jax tells Tara he is done with SAMCRO, if he would stay, he would end up in prison again or dead. Tara tells Jax that his dad, John Teller, wanted to get out. But Jax, said that his dad didn’t want to get out, but he does so Tara, him and the kids can be a real family.

Clay goes to see Unser. They share a talk about him selling his controlling interest in his business. Clay calls the new sheriff, “Wild Black Hitchcock.” Clay tells Unser that Hale isn’t going to complete Charming Heights with the luxury homes. Clay needs the delivery truck from Unser.

Opie and Lily greet their guests. While the cops stand down the road from the reservation where the wedding and reception is held. Opie and Lily say, “I do.” Jax is the bestman and Tara is the maid of honor.

Some of the club members go to the Russian warehouse where the guns are kept while Clay and some members meet the Russians at Opie and Lily’s wedding. At the reception, some test guns are given out to Clay and Jax. Clay, Jax and some other members take the Russians and the federal agent to the woods to test the guns. The Russians and the agent are shot, but Jax knifes the head Russian.

At the warehouse, the members load some guns and shoot up the place, killing the Russians. They load the guns and the bodies in a truck. The bodies are dumped in the area of the new development.

Little Abel needed some paper to color on, so he took a piece of paper out of Tara’s bag where she had the letters stashed. That night as Gemma is putting Abel to bed, she sees one piece of paper that was written to Jax from Maureen introducing the letters. Gemma is upset.

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