Siren: A Starbuck’s Stir Stick Song

by on March 7th, 2015
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Have you ever held a cup

A warm, warm coffee-like cup

Sat among few

Sat among many

Some sat alone.

On top of my cup,

My Starbucks cup,

There is a stick.

A green pictorial stick.

A great multi-purposing stick….

It keeps my hot beverage from escaping the hole

And it works to stir should I need it to do so.

It also amuses, as it is not just any green stick…

For atop the stick,
for a better thumb grip
there is a picture…

But what could it be,

Winded textured steam

Or maybe something more

More symbolic, more connective.

More siren.

More siren to serve

with a coffee in hand,

to bring on to you

on solid dry land.

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