Silver and Gold

by on March 7th, 2015
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Candles flames flicker golden

as the light of the silver

moon breaks through the

frost-covered windowpanes.

Silver bells beckon carolers

in the distance to blend

their golden voices

and spread joy and cheer.

A silver star shoots

from the diamond-studded sky

and lands on top of

a Christmas tree.

Gold ornaments dangle mutely

near silver-tinseled limbs

that bend beneath the weight

of candy canes.

Gifts adorned in silver paper

wear gold ribbons like sashes

and wait patiently for

their grand debut.

The silver hands of time

make their rounds

on a gold clock.

Wishes gleam silver

in a child’s restless eyes,

but the harbinger of great

tidings intends to assign him

memories that will last

well beyond his golden years.

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