Sensitive Skin or Winter Skin? is Your Shower to Blame?

by on September 11th, 2010
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Do you have sensitive skin or winter skin? The truth is they can both be one in the same, depending on the season. Some people have no problems maintaining comfortable skin throughout the year until the cold, dry air of winter comes around. Other people continually have sensitive, itchy skin that is worsened by the winter months. The true question is how can we cure it and what is the cause. Unfortunately, chronic sensitive skin seems to have no cure but can be managed, though some have a tougher time than others, the same applies to seasonal skin. What is its cause? The answer could lie in your shower habits.

Make it snappy
Sensitive skin sufferers should try to limit their showers to once a day with your duration of ‘water time’ being ten minutes, max. Lingering in the running water can wash away too much of your bodies natural moisture.
Foreign moisture
Consider using a humidifier in your home. This will not only improve the moisture in your skin, it will also lubricate dry, uncomfortable sinus passages.
Don’t boil lobsters
Some people prefer their showers to be so hot it can easily boil lobsters. Though this can feel quite cozy on clod winter days, it will also deplete your skin of its natural, much needed oils.
Hang-around for a bit
While the steam is still trapped in your bathroom, use this time to trim your nails, exfoliate your face with a sensitive skin scrub, pluck your eyebrows, etc. The moist, damp air will add a kiss of moisture to your entire body.
Cap it off
While the dampness of your shower is still on you skin, lather on a thick coat of hypoallergenic moisturizing cream. This will act as a shield, locking those water droplets in.

If your shower consists of a few ‘rule-breakers’, consider a few of these changes. What do you have to lose, other than your sensitive, winter skin?

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