Scalloping from Cape San Blas, Florida

by on October 5th, 2014
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Scalloping around St Joseph Bay from Cape San Blas Florida is a fun activity for all the family. The St Joseph Bay is quite calm, clean, and the depths are very uniform. You do not require a vessel or any unusual equipment. Children, as young as three, and their great grandparents can enjoy their time playing and scalloping in the pristine waters of the bay. The season normally opens around the first of July and finishes near the middle of September. The method for collecting scallops is very simple. Put on your mask and snorkel then dive down and collect some scallops. Different locations may have higher concentrations than others. Look in places that are not so accessible by boat or may be deeper than your height. These are probably areas that have not been scalloped yet.

Necessary items for scalloping

1. Florida Saltwater fishing license for persons 17 and older

2. Sun protector

3. Some spoons

4. A dive flag displayed on your boat or floating close by

5. A pint container

6. Bring something to drink and eat

7. Net bag, fins, snorkel and mask

How to clean your scallops

After you’ve collected your scallops the most convenient time to clean them is when you are still on the water. Divide up the scallops with those cleaning and hand out the spoons. Place the end of the spoon into the barely opened scallops. Use the edge of the spoon to separate the scallop meat from the top side. Next pry the shell open. Place the spoon to the base of the muscle from the hinge side of the scallop. Secure the pliable part of the scallop using your thumb begin to separate this membrane off the still attached muscle part like pulling the shirt over the head of a child. Last step you can scrape the muscle from the remaining shell.

How to cook your scallops

Remember that scallops can be eaten raw without cooking. This will assist you understand preparation principles of brazing using a hot pan and a short cooking time. Normally I like to prepare my side dishes first. My favorite choice is sauteed vegetables using olive oil. I will use the hot pan for sauteing the scallops. Sprinkle the scallops with season salt, pepper or Cajun spices. Put the scallops in the hot pan carefully. The oil should be hot. If you hear them cook the temperature is right. You should sear and slightly brown one side then turn them over. Sear another forty seconds before removing and draining. All that is left to do is enjoy your scallops with everyone. If you would like more fun vacation activities visit . Enjoy

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