Ron Paul – Stock Pick of the Day

by on November 20th, 2014
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COMMENTARY | Ron Paul has all the markings of a great stock pick. Broad-based support that is loyal to the brand. A well executing campaign team with a strategic game plan. A seemingly bottomless revenue stream with his soon to be famous “money bombs.” He is aggressively taking market share from competitors. Yet his largest asset by far is not only his current growth factor, but the enormous potential for growth he possesses.

Many of Ron Paul’s converts share a strikingly similar story. They had never heard HIS story, also, the recent nature of their “conversion.” They didn’t know about the man, let alone his positions on the issues challenging our nation. Those who had heard of him admit they were swayed by media portrayals and their attempted slanders such as “kooky,” “extreme,” “radical,” “isolationist,” “unelectable,” “racist” … and those are the nice comments. Then something amazing happened to every convert. They researched for themselves the truth about Ron Paul.

While others are better known, Gingrich for House Speaker years ago, and the eternal candidate and ex-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the words Ron Paul are just now slowly leaking through the media blackout. His recent converts are bringing along friends, too. So for every biased CNN “dumb blonde” question he has to endure, for every debate recap he is shut out of, someone gets interested enough to research the truth.

Much sought-after endorsements from state senate leaders Tom Davis et al have come along for Ron Paul prior to the South Carolina Primary. Endorsements from evangelical leaders as well, such as this one, thankfully posted by Y! contributor Dustin Watson:

“In the Christian Newswire last week the Evangelical leader Dr. James Linzey, the president and founder of the Military Bible Association, also endorsed Paul, saying in a statement to him, “Having thoroughly examined your political philosophy and finding that your platform is 100% in line with the Constitution of the United States of America, and examining your political record to find that you have consistently upheld the Constitution and thereby faithfully represented your constituency, and studying your statement of faith to find that your faith and religious experience is 100% compatible with Evangelical Christianity and Orthodox Christianity, I hereby endorse you for the Office of the President of the United States of America. I wish you Godspeed!”

Dr. Linzey later explained more of his endorsement in the Christian Newswire by saying, “Among the six remaining GOP hopefuls, two are evangelical — Ron Paul and Rick Perry. But the telltale sign of being qualified for the presidency is not faith, but loyalty to the Constitution which defends the open expression of faith. Paul seems to be the candidate most loyal to the Constitution according to the records. So when other evangelical leaders endorse GOP contenders of other faiths and traditions, some of whom have received funds from special interest groups, and are not as loyal to the Constitution as is Dr. Paul, one must necessarily ask, ‘What is their agenda?’ because they certainly are not endorsing the most qualified nor the most evangelical. If evangelicals wish to make faith an issue, then they should take a closer look at Dr. Paul’s statement on his web site, ‘Let me be very clear here: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to follow Him in all I do and in every position I advocate.’”

Yet despite news of the major endorsements, despite the trillion-plus debt limit increase by President Obama, the media headlines this week decried Ron Paul’s flying to DC from his congressional district instead of, I guess, driving a VW micro-bus roundtrip.

Ron Paul’s revolution is on, and in a big way. His growth is solid, not fleeting. His support is grassroots and word of mouth. And contagious. If his campaign were a stock, I would have to rate a strong buy.

Instead of praising Dr. Ron Paul and his positions myself, I’ll leave it to the reader to get interested in learning the truth.

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