Product Review: Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster

by on March 4th, 2015
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One of the products I have been using a few times a week to help whiten my teeth is the Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster. So far, it has been gentle on my teeth and gums without stinging or burning and has not causes my teeth to become sensitive. I have to say I have been very impressed with this tooth-whitening product and will continue to use it to keep my teeth white.

The Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster comes in an easy to squeeze tube that contains two and half ounces of whitening gel. The gel is clear colored with very little taste, but is thick in texture. The ingredients in the tooth whitening gel are glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid, water, poloxamer and dicalcium phosphate. The main ingredient in this gel that seems to be for whitening teeth is hydrogen peroxide. All the ingredients seem to be pretty gentle, but I am not one percent sure, if they are all natural.

The way I have been using the whitening gel is by adding a little bit onto my toothbrush along with my regular daily fluoride toothpaste. I find doing this helps whiten my teeth better and is more refreshing to my mouth. Then I simply brush my teeth for two minutes, as I would normally do. After, I rinse my mouth out really well with cool water and my teeth do appear whiter which is nice. I only use this tooth whitening gel 3 times a week because I do not what to make me teeth and gums sensitive. So far, I do not have any sensitivity when using this whitening gel and I am very pleased with the product. I do notice once I skip treatments my teeth do become slightly yellow again so the whitening effects do not last, but that is probably due to the fact I am a heavy tea drinker. Dark colored teas tend to stain teeth pretty badly but using this gel helps get the yellow out of them nicely.

I do think the Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster is affordable and worth using to help get teeth whiter because it has worked well for me. I would recommend this oral care product to a loved one to use. I know I will definitely continue to use this oral care product a few times a week to help keep my smile white and bright. I wish you all the best of luck with keeping your smile white and bright too.

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