Prince William and Kate: The Movie?

by on November 24th, 2010
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What’s bigger than a royal wedding? Seriously, can there even be anything bigger? No, not a royal baby… (Only in our dreams. And in our dreams that royal bundle of joy would be Blue Ivy Carter’s number one play date! Can you imagine it?!) Still, not a baby but… how about a royal movie?! Prince William and Kate’s love story ON THE BIG SCREEN?! Yes please!

As it turns out – this idea has some impressive backing. Let’s just say it’s coming from a “Ray of Light,” if you will. The ultimate “Material Girl,” Madonna, is eying the royal couple as the subjects for a future film project.

In a recent interview with Mirror UK the Queen of Pop expressed her interest in a big screen movie based on the Duke and Duchess’ story. Madonna might just be the perfect person to make this happen. Her most recent project, which she co-wrote and directed, tells the story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII. Her Madgesty spent three years researching the Royal Family for the film titled “W.E.” and it was during her research that she became interested in the Prince and Dutchess’ modern-day love story. Unfortunately for us, Madonna admits the tale is still a bit young to tell and says it will be at least a decade before any film is made.

A decade? Really. Well, at least we’re talking the talk. William and Kate are the ultimate fairytale – the ultimate love story. Emphasis on ultimate. They make Scarlett and Rhett look like Kim and Kris. They make Maria and Tony look like Ashton and Demi. Ilsa and Rick like Russell and Katy… too soon for that one?

Regardless, the fact of the matter is William and Kate are uber fabulous and glamorous. They might just be the greatest love story ever told. Hence, we need this movie to be made. We can’t cling to “The Notebook” forever.

There’s one thing we know for sure: the film would have an utterly amazing soundtrack. Maybe even an award worthy soundtrack. Congrats on your Golden Globe win, M! So, let the countdown begin!

We’re all game. The ball is in your court, Madge. The ball is in your court.


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