Practical Uses for a “Sippy Cup” in the Kitchen and Beyond

by on March 7th, 2015
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One thing about a “Sippy Cup” is that if you have a child or know someone who doesn’t like pulp in their juice, you can purchase juice with pulp and let the “Sippy Cup” strain the pulp. Just put the lid on the cup and the pulp won’t be able to get through when the cup is tilted. The child or adult can drink the juice through the “Sippy Cup” or the juice can be strained into another cup. The “Sippy Cup” isn’t only good for straining pulp from juice. It can be used for other things.

For instance, it is good to use as a scoop for ice cream. Remove the lid before scooping. It can also be used as a cup for the ice cream. Once the ice cream melts, pop on the lid and drink the rest of your ice cream. Use it as a Salt or Pepper Shaker by simply filling the cup with your select condiment. Snap on the lid and shake. Use it to shake out any of your favorite spices that will fit through the lid’s small holes. By gently twisting the tip of an ice pick in each hole, you can increase their size.

Maybe you’d prefer to use the cup as a Salad Dressing Shaker. When you’re done with your salad, you can put the cup and its dressing contents right into the refrigerator. Vinegar and Olive Oil both make nice salad dressing. But if you use Olive Oil, you can dispense the desired amount of Olive Oil onto dry or normal skin (that is if you use the oil as a moisturizer.) Vinegar, however, may be used to ward off mosquitoes.

Perhaps you need something small to start seedlings in before transplanting. Remove the lid of a “Sippy Cup” and fill the cup with dirt. Plant desired seed in the dirt. If the seedlings are overwatered, the lid can be popped on and the excess water can be drained by tilting the cup. Be careful not to turn the cup upside down or the seedlings can get crushed, shuffled or buried. If the seedlings are too tall, placing the lid onto the cup should be avoided. When it’s time to plant the seedlings from the “Sippy Cup,” tap the sides of the cup to loosen dirt. Remove the clump of dirt from the cup. You may have to tilt the cup to do this. Or run a fork through the dirt around the brim of the cup only, tap the sides of the cup and lift the dirt with the fork. Transplant the dirt and the seedlings.

As you can see the “Sippy Cup” has many uses. Which one will you put to work for you?

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