Personal Review of 2011 Honda Civic

by on March 7th, 2015
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In today’s world a car is extremely important when it comes to daily life, for some people it can save both time and money while for others it serves the opposite and burns a big hole in their pockets. Your intentions are pretty typical, to own a car that can save you time and money, which are two very important things in life. But what happens when your supposedly “efficient” car become a pain in the neck to care for. That’s a huge indicator saying you need to move on. Either to public transport or a new vehicle. It makes no sense investing your time and money in something that won’t profit you back in anyway. A complete waste !

This article is going to review an option that you have to save yourself from the awful world of useless cars.
The car I’m talking about is the new 2011 Honda Civic . Just like there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty of cars in the market. Choosing the right one can become a frustrating task, after seeing dozens of commercials within one break. Owning a car is suppose to put your life to ease to a certain extent not torture you with thoughts about paying the next maintenance fees.

To help you out Honda has revealed a model of the civic for 2011. Even though the Civic was similar to a entry model it has surly progressed throughout the years. With many different models to choose from, it can easily fit performance buffs, satisfy people with tight budgets or even green shoppers.The design has improved from the earlier generation with a more aerodynamic look from front to rear. It is also available in to body styles no matter what model you pick. The acceleration number most likely wont impress you, but the smooth and comfortable ride will, in the five speed manual or five speed automatic.

Even though the automatic may feel a bit lumpy during drives the manual is great and light, at a better position than the linkages in other similar cars. The driving overall feels quick and precise .

The natural gas DX version is the most expensive in teh lineup, but may be what some people are looking for. The front driving seats are better than average and serve a good purpose to deliver comfortable and enjoyable drive. The lower Honda Civic 2011 models might not have bluetooth and are kind of a throw back to the days of the economy cars. The DX comes with power windows and locks but with no air conditioning, but the LX model has air conditioning, cruise control and power locks. The EX sedan gets alloy wheels and a sunroof, you might also be able to get a navigation system with XM satellite radio.

Over there are many models of the 2011 Honda Civic to fit your needs and it may just be the right option for you.

This article is purely based on personal opinion and personal knowledge, if you are interested in the product people talk to their respective companies and find out your self. I am in no way affiliated or promoting Honda. All brands and products belong to their respective owners.

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