Music Video Review: Jay Z & Kanye West Otis: Subliminal Messages?

by on November 24th, 2014
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I’m not a big fan of either Jay Z or Kanye, but I do like the new song Otis they have out right now. I just watched the video after reading another review (Otis Video is Not All That, but You Should Pay Attention to the Hidden Messages in the Video ) of the video mapping out the subliminal messages that was in the video .

I thought the video was pretty simple, but I have a different take on what I saw.

In scene one, Jay Z and Kanye practically destroy a sleek black car and changed it into a car that was a little more edgy. That scene is just a symbol of rebellion, I think. They changed something traditional into something untraditional. Let’s keep in mind that they are wearing red shoes, white t-shirts, and blue jeans.

Going into scene two, Jay Z and Kanye drive past the American flag. As they are driving past the flag, a blaze of fire lights up from the back of the car, and engulfed the American flag. And of course, burning the American flag is practically blasphemous!

Then the scene changed to the two of them in the front seat of their rebel car with a few white girls in the back. They are doing wheelies, and every so often they end up back in front of the American flag.

Both Jay Z and Kanye were supporters of Obama, our first black president. So to see two black men in the front seat of a car, with whites in the back seat may be a symbol of class reversal. The blacks are now in the front, and the whites are now in the back. The black man is now running the show (Obama president of the U.S., black men driving the car) and he is doing things his way (a.k.a. changing the design of the car). And the white people are no longer in control (white girls in the back seat).

Basically Jay Z and Kanye are celebrating the so called change that Obama brought to the country. Jay Z and Kanye always had black supremacist views. They told everyone that we were going to “run this town”, and they seem to believe that. Check out another take on what the video means in Otis Video is Not All That, but You Should Pay Attention to the Hidden Messages in the Video .

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