Manslations: Decoding the Secret Language of Men

by on September 26th, 2010
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This book is an easy to read book with a comical, Joi De Vivre feel, hilarious metaphors, and a great guide-like design. Manslations has a unique style of entertaining the reader all the while explaining exactly why men behave the way they do. According to Jeff Mac, Author of Manslations:

“Men sometimes seem to be impossible to understand. But it turns out they’re about as easy to read as coloring books–if you know what you’re looking for.”

This book is filled with dating advice for all situations and it teaches not only how to understand your current relationship, but future relationships, and the relationships of others. It includes various principles, philosophies, and analogies based on male behavior, needs, desires, and mental disposition. Manslation’s main focus is to teach women how to interpret the difference between a womanizer and a genuine guy who wants to keep the woman of his dreams for the rest of his life.

There are, of course, additional juicy, curious, and awe inspiring details included inside the covers of Manslations. Like, how to drive a man wild in bed, how long to wait for him to call back after a date, how often men think about sex, how men think in relation to day to day life, and much, much more. I would highly recommend reading this book whether you are single, married, dating, or just having some fun- the worst you’ll get out of this book is a great laugh.

From Manslations: “Many of the really good arguments that happen between a man and a woman can be traced to a failure to understand just how different from one another you truly are.”

I encourage you to read the book and discover exactly what those differences are. To better your life, your relationships, and even to lighten your mood.

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